Regiment Spotlight: Ugr

Ugr are a tremendous asset to whatever community they are assigned to, a fact that the Einherjar Angbjörn, High King of Mannheim and Father of Ogres, exploits to maintain the balance of power with a deep cunning one would not expect from his corpulent frame and constant inebriation. After all, there are few creatures on Eä that will not pause and reconsider any rash action, when faced with the single-minded aggression of an Ugr band.

Their Role on the Field

The Ugr are a Medium, Mainstay option for the Blooded and Jarl bringing a much-needed armor-piercing punch to the aid of the Nords’ lightly armored Raiders and Stalkers. A Cleave of 2 ensures they will make short work of enemy Lights whilst being able to threaten enemy Mediums.

The Ugr main role revolves around securing a much-needed foothold for the Nord’s forces during the mid-game. The Nords being a early-game oriented faction relies heavily on the overwhelming force of its Light Regiments in an attempt to score as many points as quickly as possible. The Ugr provide this final strike needed to secure victory.

However, as big and strong the Ugr are, they are susceptible to Regiments that can put out a lot of Attacks as their Defense and Resolve of 2 will not do a lot against concentrated fire or mass infantry.

Character Synergies

A Jarl is a strong candidate for fielding Ugr for his quick and aggressive style of play during the early phases of the game. A Jarl as a Warlord can use his “Surprise Attack” Supremacy Ability to deny enemy Medium Regiments from entering the board and allow another turn for the Raiders and Ugr to contest and capture Objectives.

When building your list this way consider placing the Jarl in a large Regiment of Raiders and equipping him with “Raven Messengers”. This way by keeping your Ugr Regiment 12” from your Jarl you may greatly enhance their survivability with a boosted Resolve value.

Finally, a Shaman comes in pretty handy with his “Mist Weave” spell allowing a friendly Regiment within 12” to gain +1 Defense against Ranged attacks or block an Enemy ranged Regiment from shooting entirely at anything over 12”.

How would you use your Ugr? Send us your Army Lists and tactics on our social media! Do not forget this is the best time to include the Ugr in your army with this awesome Warband bundle!

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