Tontorr vs. Drum Beast: Which One Should I Choose?

With pre-order deadlines fast approaching, and the enticing bonus gifts that accompany them, we wanted to guide those of you who are unsure about which one to choose. Which one best complements your gameplay style? Echoing the famous taco commercial, “Why not both?”

Jokes aside, both of these kits are colossal hobby projects and our biggest Mosters to date. It’s completely understandable to be undecided about which beautiful kit you’d like to invest significant painting time in. Let’s delve into what makes each of them unique!

Drum Beast - “The Playmaker”

Immediately, similar to the Tontorr, both kits boast an impressive stat line. After all, they’re both iterations of the same massive dinosaur, primed to crash through enemy ranks. However, the Drum Beast sacrifices some of its attacks, owing to the absence of doom-diving W’adrhun warriors on its back, in exchange for the “Sound of the Drums” Draw Event.

This small, subtle rule accomplishes three crucial objectives for both beginner and veteran W’adrhun players:

  1. It empowers players to better control their Chanting sequences. Players can utilize a Chant precisely when and where it’s most beneficial, but they should be wary of inadvertently Chanting less.
  2. It compensates for the timing challenges inherent to an elite, low activation W’adrhun army. When deploying an all-dinosaur army for example, you’ll inevitably activate fewer Regiments and Chant less frequently. Therefore, it’s vital not to lose Chants on inconsequential in-between moves.
  3. It offers a nuanced defense against opponents skilled at targeting the right W’adrhun Regiments, preventing a Chant from being triggered during an important Activation and as a result activating where it would be entirely wasted.

But wait! There’s more!
The Drum Beast can take a Scion of Conquest as a Rider, further enhancing its tactical role on the battlefield. Beyond introducing a potent Spellcaster to the fray, the Tontorr Rider Special Rule grants access to the “Drum Beat.”

“Drum Beat” expands upon the tactical advantages the “Sound of the Drums” offers, pushing its utility even further. This extra marker not only accelerates the accumulation of Chant Markers but also allows better integrating Regiments of Hunting Packs with elite forces as a cost-effective option. Typically, since Hunting Packs don’t generate Chant Markers, they can be a drawback for low activation armies. But with a way to hasten Chant Marker production in place, integrating this formidable harasser into your ranks becomes a real possibility even when not playing an elite force.

Is the Drum Beast for me then?
If you’re keen on fielding low-activation, elite armies and are looking to optimize your Chant Marker production, then the Drum Beast is the perfect fit for you!

Tontorr - “Better Move out of the Way”

Just when you thought the Drum Beast’s stat line couldn’t improve, add 4 Attacks, Relentless Blows, and reduce its cost by about 20 points – enter the Tontorr you own personnal battleline destroyer.

Unlike “Sound of the Drums,” there’s nothing small or subtle about the Tontorr. It’s a formidable line-breaking behemoth designed to obliterate enemy formations. Although the added stats might seem modest, they’re the difference between merely dealing damage and truly breaking a formation – a capability any W’adrhun combined force army would treasure! As an extra perk, players can deploy two Tontorrs in a single warband unlike the Drum Beast, making it even more point-efficient and an imposing force on the battlefield.

Somebody said Chieftain?
When paired with a Chieftain Rider, the Tontorr becomes not just a  front-line brawler but also serves as a forward command platform for your troops. The Chieftain now has the flexibility to direct their Way of War abilities not just to their attached regiment, but to any friendly regiment within 8”– including the Tontorr itself!

Is the Tontorr for me then?
If you lean towards a combined arms strategy, the Tontorr will seamlessly fit into your army list. Pair it with a Chieftain, and you’ll command a formidable front-line brawler that synergizes beautifully with your formation, delivering one devastating strike after another!

Which one will you choose?

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