Regiment Spotlight: Spires Marksman Clones

Spliced from a number of tissues to ensure their keen eyesight and flawless hand-eye coordination, these Clones are amongst the most effective ranged troops one can encounter on the battlefield. The addition of a third arm was pioneered by the Fourth Indigo Lineage, which traded the marginal increases in accuracy that other houses blindly pursued for a significantly increased rate of fire. Despite underperforming in the sharpshooting challenges, the dominant superiority in their rate of fire brought glory to their Lineage in the melees for decades, until the other Lineages stole, bought or perfected their technique.

Unleashed on the outside world for the first time in millennia, Marksmen Clones are reaping a bloody toll on the battlefield, providing withering salvoes of accurate fire for the monstrous throng the Spires call an army.

The Marksman Clones is a Restricted Regiment option for the Spires brought on the battlefield only as part of a High Clone Executor’s Warband. With their long range and high volume of fire the Marksman Clones become a useful tool to any Biomancer’s disposal.

Their Role on the Field

Where Medium Regiments take places to secure objectives, the Marksman Clones apply long ranged pressure upon the Light regiments that contest them. During the third and fourth crucial turns where Regiments first Clash over Objectives the Clones are able to build up the momentum of your attack by weakening the Regiments protecting the capture points.

Capable as they are, however, they do suffer from enemies returning fire and enemy skirmishers reaching behind enemy lines and charging the lightly armored Clones. To avoid this, Clones have a few tricks up their sleeves.

First and foremost, the Marksman Clones have one of the highest Volley ranges in the game, contested only by the Hundred Kingdom Longbowmen and matched by Spire Pteraphons. This means that you will almost always be able to outrange enemy missile Regiments and unleash powerful short-range volleys (24 shots over 14” from a three-Stand Regiment will make any High Clone Executor happy!). If that wasn’t enough, you can be sure to win a ranged fight, when you can arc your shots over friendly Regiments, effectively shielding you from return fire and long distance charges.

The Marksman Clones bring a lot of firepower to the Spire force, being able to overwhelm lightly armored Regiments and even put a dent to heavier ones by sheer volume of fire. As the forces of the armies of Eä gather, aspiring Executors will need all the power they can get on their hands(?).

Find out more about the Marksman Clones and the history behind their invention here!

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