Regiment Spotlight: Hundred Kingdom Steel Legion

One of the oldest fighting forces of the Telian Empire, this elite formation remains active and strong by the simple expedient of refusing to disband. With the great sword as their mastered weapon of choice and heavy armor, the Steel Legionnaires deal the hard-hitting armor-piercing blows needed to overcome the enemies of the Hundred Kingdoms. 

The Steel Legion is a Restricted Regiment choice for the Hundred Kingdoms and although relative inexpensive in points (150pts for 3 Stands), it is important to remember that they require a Mainstay Regiment in the same Warband, indirectly upping their cost.

Their Role on the Field

The Steel Legion is a late game piece, able to counter enemy Heavy Regiments with their Cleave (2) special rule. With 12 attacks, 15 should you add a Drillmaster, they will be able to literally and metaphorically Cleave through most enemy Regiments, clearing and securing objective zones. 

However, tough as its warriors are, the Steel Legion is vulnerable to sustained missile fire and prolonged combat engagement. To remedy this, you have two powerful tools at your disposal.

When running the Steel Legion, consider running Household Knights with them; not only can the Knights gain ground and threaten enemy missile Regiments prior to the Legion’s arrival but their sheer size (Size 2) can hide their flanks.

When it comes to prolonged combat nothing says “Steel” like an Imperial Officer with a Standard of Steel. This heirloom, a testament to the resolve of the Legionnaires, do not allow Inspired attacks to be directed to your Regiment, allowing you to tip prolonged fights to your favor.

The Steel Legion provides a new tool at the disposal of every Hundred Kingdom’s General and, with the upcoming releases soon to come your way, your forces might be seeing a lot of armor…


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