Conquest – the Last Argument of Kings is a mass battle wargame produced by Para Bellum Wargames. The rules of the game have been written by one of the industry’s lead game designers, Alessio Cavatore and his studio Riverhorse. The rules are quick and easy to learn for a new player but are still able to offer a new and complex strategy to master. Conquest does away with player turns and army deployment. Instead, it focuses its play around the command stack mechanic, where each player determines at the beginning of the round what order his troops are going to be activated in. Coupled with a unique escalation reinforcement mechanic where light, medium and heavy troops each have their roles, the fog of war is a very real thing.

More than six centuries have passed since the Fall and war is brewing. With ancient enemies and enmities reawakening, the fight will soon begin.

Which side will you take…?

Explore Eä

Explore the lore of Conquest. Browse through the lore pages to read articles and familiarize yourself with Eä​ and each of our factions. You can also visit the Art Gallery to feast your eyes on our original art.

Learn the Game

Conquest is a fast and intuitive game that plays in under two hours. You can download ALL of our rules for FREE online! We recommend you start at the quick start rules to familiarise yourself with the flow and concept of the game before you dive into the full rules.

Buy and Build

You can find our product in many stores across America and Europe as well as order direct from our eShop! All of the troops on our range are produced in hard plastic sprues, so you must carefully cut and assemble each soldier individually. Our expansion packs have a QR code that when scanned will take you straight to the Assembly Instructions on our website.

What Next?

Building, Painting and Playing Conquest are only the tip of the iceberg. Come join our Community. Whether online at our Discord channel or through Organized Play Events at your FLGS, the Conquest community is there for you! Interested in putting more effort to make Conquest grow? Check out our Vanguard Program and earn amazing rewards helping our community grow!