Regiment Spotlight: Hold Warriors/Ballistae

“The sword and shield remain the traditional equipment of the Dweghom infantry. Even while mass produced in their massive forges, the swords remain exceptional examples of Dweghom craft, with function placed firmly before form. Similarly, their shields are modular locking metal sheathed wooden planks over a steel frame, allowing for the quick repair and replacement after battle. On the other hand, battle with a flying opponent quickly cured the Dweghom of preconceptions against ranged combat. The ballistae were the first ranged weapon developed to combat dragons, but were quickly outclassed by the more esoteric weapons developed by the Tempered. They are nonetheless a powerful instrument of death against lesser foes, and their ease of production and repair have made them a staple of the Hold armories.”

Their Role on the Field

The Hold Warriors and Ballistae form the core of the Dweghom force; they are the anvil enemy forces are meant to crash upon. Where the Dweghom lack in fast moving skirmishers and flankers, they make up for it in sheer staying power. The Hold Ballistae are an exceptionally tough Light Range Regiment, their Defense of 3 and 24” Range with Armor Piercing providing them with a very reliable ranged platform, while they can hold their own in combat until help arrives.

At first glance, a Regiment of Hold Warriors share the same Statistics with their Men-at-Arms counterparts, however Dweghom Characters sport some of the highest Resolve values in the game making Dweghom Regiments incredibly resistant to Resolve casualties.

Once we throw into the mix the Faction’s Supremacy abilities, along with the Dweghom unique Herald upgrades and support from their Characters, those otherwise mundane Regiments become a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a look:

Herald of Fire

Nothing says Dweghom like +1 Attack per Stand. Cast Dismay on an enemy Regiment, Break them, only to Charge furiously and Break them again! Secure those objectives, Dweghom style.

Herald of Magma

Aura of Death allows you to tip the odds to your favor when fighting a war of attrition, trying to push your Reinforcement line or flank an enemy Regiment. It is those extra Wounds that will allow you to overcome the enemy Regiments and Break them just in time to secure those much needed Victory Points. As an extra bonus, the +1 Attack in Duel Actions for your Character makes a nice six-Stand block of Hold Warriors a cozy home for a Hold Raegh, eager to claim some Aghm by holding the line (and exchanging a few blows with enemy Characters!).

Herald of Stone

You pushed the Reinforcement line, got the Objective now you need to secure the line/flanks! Hold those Knights and Brutes off your flank with a tough-as-nails Defense of 4, with the Bastion bonus!

How will you be using your Hold Warriors/Ballistae? Build your Army Lists (here) and share your mighty Armies with us! The Dweghom have come and it’s time to wage war!

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