About Us

Hi. We are Para Bellum.

Para Bellum is the child of that inner discussion all gamers have, the one that starts with “if I made my own game…” For years, its cradle was a rented storage room, filled with tables, glass displays and the smell of paint and plastic. Its voice was the laughs over our game tables and the discussions, about miniatures, about rules, about cost. Back then, it seemed a fantasy. Today, it seems inevitable, that one of us would walk in, gather us and say “I have this idea…” Well, one did and here we are.

We have come a long way, since then. Today, Para Bellum Wargames Ltd is a game developer, headquartered in Cyprus with offices in Greece and the USA and are part of substantial conglomerate with interests in shipping, real estate, agriculture and technology. We operate on a global basis and are led by a seasoned team of gaming professionals with deep industry know-how, who draw on the extensive corporate, legal and financial resources of our wider group. We have teamed up with Riverhorse studios to bring you the game we call Conquest.

We are proud of what we have become, proud of what we’re making and proud of all we’re planning. We are proud of how far we’ve come. And yet, somehow, we never felt closer to home. We are still that same ragtag group of gamers, who’s ‘proper’ jobs are artists, sculptors and writers. We still gather, argue and laugh around game tables, we still smile at the smell of paint and plastic. It is our Passion that brought us together. Bear with us, because the scale of what we are striving to achieve is immense.

We are Para Bellum and this is going to be a good one.