Table of Contents

Tournament Organizer’s Manual

for Skirmish and Mass Battle
Version 1.0 | Season 1


This Tournament Kit has been designed to be used for a Swiss-style Tournament for up to 8 players, lasting 3 Tournament Rounds, for either system. In case you wish to host a Tournament with up to 16 players, an extra Kit and one more Tournament Round should be added. Keep in mind that while a Tournament may be run with any number of players, in order for the results to be considered for registration and rating a minimum of 6 players is required.

Contents of the Tournament Kit Season 1

  • 1 Alternate Resin Miniature
  • 1 Command Card DeckBox
  • 2 Sets of 60 Card Sleeves for Command Cards
  • 1 Tournament Registration Code
  • 8 Store Activity Codes
  • 1 Organized Play Scenarios Document
  • Organized Play Document

Organizing the Tournament

List Submission

The Army List must be created using the Para Bellum Army Builder available at  ( Each player should have three (3) printed copies of their Army List; one for the Tournament Organizer (TO), one for themselves and one for their opponent. Please note that at present, multiple lists are not permitted; only one List can be submitted for each particular Tournament.

Tournament Announcement

Given the realities of organizing and hosting a local Tournament, let alone one of the more complex regional events we have planned further down the line, the TO should announce the date of the Tournament no less than 3 days before the Tournament goes live (ideally the time frame should be two weeks).

Rounds and Scoring

An 8-player Tournament consists of 3 Rounds. During each Round, each player is paired with an opponent they have not played with before during this Tournament, according to their ranking. 

At the end of each Round, the winner of each pair will gain 3 TP (Tournament Points), while the defeated will receive 0 TP. In case of a tie, both players will gain 1 TP. At the end of each Round, the TO (Tournament Organizer) will note for each player: their TP and their VP (Victory Points). The Players are then sorted according to their TP score, then according to their VP (as a tiebreaker); this is called “Standings”.

Pairing and Standings 

During the first Tournament Round, the players are randomly paired with an opponent. For each subsequent Tournament Round, the players will be allocated an opponent according to the Scoreboard; the player with the most TP and VP will be paired with the second highest, the third will be paired with the fourth and so on until all players have been paired.

A player cannot be paired with an opponent he has already played against. When such would be the case, the top ranked player should be matched with the next lowest ranking player he has not played against. (Eg, if the first and second player have played against each other, but the third has not, then the first ranked player would play with the third and the second ranked player with the fourth, unless again he has already played the fourth in which case he would play with the fifth, so on and so forth)

At the end of the 3rd Round, the Standings are final and the top ranking player will be the Tournament Winner. The TO should then perform the announcement of the Standings, and proceed to hand out the prizes to the players according to their ranki

Example of Swiss-style Tournament pairings
Odd Player Count

In case you are playing with an odd player count, during the 1st Tournament Round, a random player will gain a free win, called BYE; that win will grant them 3 TP as normal, and half the maximum VP required by the Scenario (round fractions up). During the next Tournament Rounds, the player lowest in the Standings will be given the BYE slot. Skip to the next highest player if that player already has been given a BYE slot. No player during the Tournament can be given more than one BYE.

In case one or more players drop out for any reason, these players retain their Tournament Points they gained so far for their final ranking, but lose all of their tie-breaker Victory Points. However, they are disregarded for future pairings; this could lead into creating a BYE slot, or the removal of the BYE slot depending on active player numbers.

Tournament Scenarios

When running the Tournament, the Scenarios should be selected randomly  and their order pre-determined when announcing the call for the Tournament. All pairs will play the specific Scenario selected for that Tournament Round. The Scenarios for The Last Argument of Kings can be found HERE and for First Blood HERE. The Scenarios for each system will be updated regularly to evolve with the meta. Only official scenarios from the Para Bellum Wargames Tournament Scenario list can be used.

Tournament Rewards

The winner of the Tournament will receive an exclusive Season miniature and each participant will receive 600 Aghm for participating in the Tournament. In addition, the next runner-up will receive a 100 Kingdoms Upgrade Kit. The rest of the rewards can be distributed according to the TO. All players must be rewarded for participating in the Tournament.

Submitting your Tournament 

Your Tournament’s results must be submitted by the end of the same day that the last battle took place, following the instructions found HERE. Remember that you will have to input an event Type, a Location and the players’ Standings as well as each participant’s e-mail or PIN. A minimum of six (6) players are required in order to submit a Tournament, and the participants will receive an e-mail with the results.

Tournament Rules 

When announcing your Tournament, alongside the Venue, the Dates and all other important information, players should be made aware of the Official Tournament Rules as seen below.

Miniatures and Conversions

Painting is an important part of our hobby and the way we paint our armies is an integral part of their story. Therefore, an army is expected to be painted at a 3-color minimum and bases and Stands are expected to be based and primed. 

Conversions are an integral part of our hobby. Much like painting, converting helps tell a story of where the army is coming from and allows for your unique ideas to manifest. It is important however for the Regiment’s to remain identifiable by your opponent so as to not cause any misunderstandings during the game.

Therefore, when converting at least 70% of the miniature should include Para Bellum Wargames ltd. plastic or resin parts. Furthermore, it is important to include features of the miniature that allows it to be identifiable e.g. when converting a Regiment of Household Guard to make sure they are using halberds instead of spears so as to not confuse them with the Gilded Legion.

Ultimately, the army and the story behind it is yours and we are looking forward to see all of your fantastic ideas on the table!

Official Tournament Rules Document

for Skirmish and Mass Battle
Version 1.0 | Season 0, Alpha Edition

Tournament Rules

  • Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is played at 2.000 points, on a 4’x6’ Battlefield.
  • Conquest: First Blood is played at 750 points, on a 4’x4’ Battlefield.
  • Tables and Terrain Pieces on them are pre-setup by the Tournament Organizer (TO), and players are not allowed to move the Terrain Pieces without the TO’s permission.
  • The Tournament uses the Scenarios currently in effect (available for LAoK HERE and for FB HERE).
  • A minimum of 6 players is required to register an official Tournament. Note a Tournament may be run with fewer players but for the sake of fairness and consistency only Tournaments with 6 or more players will be recorded for rating. 
  • Each Player can have only one army list for the duration of the Tournament. While we would love to do multiple lists for Tournaments we decided to go for one list, for Season 0, Alpha Edition until more factions join the war for Eä.
  • Each Tournament has 3 Rounds, using the Swiss system (3 Tournament Points for winning a battle, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for losing). Victory Points are used as tie-breakers.
  • In the spirit of fairness and good sportsmanship, each player should hand out a copy of their list to their opponent and to the TO at the beginning of their battle.
  • In the event a person breaks a rule as set by the Tournament guidelines, lies to a TO, or consciously misleads their opponent with the intention of gaining advantage, the TO may immediately force that player to concede the battle and at his discretion may disqualify the player as well. 
  • During the course of the Battle, a player might make an honest mistake. We do not consider this cheating, unless it falls into one of the above categories. Honest errors and mistakes should be resolved at table level (by the players), who should only call upon the TO to pass judgement if no solution can be reached in the situation.
  • Respect your opponent. This goes without saying, people who disrespect others will not be tolerated. Para Bellum Wargames requires that players maintain civil conduct throughout the Tournament’s duration. 
  • Regiments and Characters in an army must be represented by the corresponding Para Bellum Wargames Models and must follow the “WYSIWYG” rule, which stands for “What you see is what you get”. Proxies are not allowed in Tournaments (for example, a “Miltia Bowmen” Regiment cannot be used as a “Longbowmen” Regiment). However, hobby conversions are acceptable, as long as the majority of the Model is made by Para Bellum Wargames and thematically fit (for example, you may use the body and legs of a Steel Legion Model and other appropriate heads and weapons – such as maces – to represent an Order of Saint Lazarus Model).
  • For Season 0, Alpha Edition no painted models are required but from Season 1 and onwards you should honor your colors! The Models must be fully painted and based. You must remember that first and foremost, this is a hobby and everyone’s enjoyment is dependent on your models’ look. A minimum of 3 colors are required per model in order to count as painted. The TO has the ultimate discretion over what is considered painted and what is not.