Aghm System

Tiers and Rewards


What is Aghm?

In Dweghom society, Aghm serves as the measure of one’s “worth,” with greater Aghm indicating higher military and societal status, including rights to property ownership and posthumous remembrance. Unlike the stoic Dweghom, who acquire Aghm through feats of physical prowess, you earn Aghm by engaging in the world of Conquest. Aghm isn’t solely obtained through game victories but also by participating in various Conquest events.

How do I gain it?

Here are all the ways you can earn Aghm:

  • +600 Aghm for participating in Casual Tournaments submitted with a valid Tournament Code (Organizers receive the same amount of Aghm as the participants).
  • +600 Aghm for participating in World Community Events (Organizers receive the same amount of Aghm as the participants).
  • +750 Aghm for participating in Officially Sanctioned World Events.
  • +100 Aghm from redeeming Store Activity Codes. (Only one Store Activity Code may be redeemed per week per player.)
  • +50 Aghm from voting weekly in the Living World Campaign. (Votes are reset every Friday and voting is rewarded once per week regardless of the number of votes cast.)
  • +10 Aghm from sharing articles through our website. (Up to 7 shares per week are rewarded, and you must be signed in to receive the reward)

Tournament and Store Activity Aghm Codes

Store Activity Codes are acquired through participation in events and are provided either by your FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) or local Vanguard.

Vanguards and FLGSs can gain access to Tournament and Store Activity Codes by purchasing one of our Organized Play Kits

Legacy and Seasonal Aghm

The Aghm is divided into two categories: Seasonal Aghm and Legacy Aghm.

Seasonal Aghm refers to the Aghm points accumulated over the span of a Season, refreshing with the start of each new Season.

Legacy Aghm refers to the Aghm points accumulated across all Seasons, representing the combined total of Seasonal Aghm points. 

Tiered Rewards

As players gather Seasonal Aghm, rewards are distributed across Tiers as follows:

TiersSeasonal AghmRewards
Tier I800Additional Living World Vote
Tier II1650Unlock Seasonal Avatars
Tier III365015% Discount Code and new Seasonal Avatars
Tier IV5650Receive one Alternative Signed Command Card (random) in your next order and new Seasonal Avatars
Tier V7650One free Terrain STL file of your choosing and new Seasonal Avatars
Tier VI9650Gain access to retired Organized Play kit characters, alternative preview characters, or con exclusives (not Founder’s Exclusives) at a flat rate of 24.99 USD/Euro, and new Seasonal Avatars
Tier VII11700Signed art prints or cloth maps (varies by Season) added to your next order, along with upgraded Seasonal Avatars indicating that you Conquered the Season

The 3 players that have amassed the most Seasonal Aghm in the current Season, and have not yet received invitations as players, will be invited as guests to Chios to spectate the Finals (food and lodging provided by Para Bellum Games). Please note that in future Seasons, as the number of attendees in Chios increases, this number will also increase. All information about  World Events and Tournaments can be found here:

Rewards, except for Seasonal Avatars and additional Votes, are distributed at the end of each season.

How do I check my acquired Aghm?

You can check your acquired Aghm at any time by accessing your Living World profile either through our web application or our mobile Conquest Companion app, available for both Android and iOS.

Book of Names

Paragons that stand the test of time and exist within the lofty halls of memory immortal, the individuals written within the gilded pages of this great book have reached a truly impressive level of Aghm. To enter this prestigious record, one must acquire 10,000 Legacy Aghm to reach the base rank contained within the book – with each 10,000 Legacy Aghm after that point propelling the person in question to even greater ranks. With each increase in rank, one’s legacy and worth of spirit become that much more prominent, with those located within the highest reaches of the great book being legends made manifest. These totals will be calculated from lifetime Aghm awards, rather than seasonal ones, making them something one acquires throughout his life and participation in our hobby – with no loss taking place from season to season. Once earned, the title in question becomes yours forevermore!

At the first rank, your name will be recorded within the Book of Names. As you rise within the ranks, the attached rewards will increase, granting you a full name, a title, and, eventually, heraldry – which will be highly customizable and will grow alongside your flourishing worth. Competing in prestigious tournaments or accomplishing brave deeds will allow you to add further embellishments to your name and title, forever engraving your deeds within the historical annals of Conquest.

The base titles for this season are as follows: 

Hundred KingdomsSquire
Old DominionZealot
City StatesDokimos
Sorcerer KingsChhatra

This book will be stored at our offices, traveling with us whenever we join world events – so that you may sail through its immortalized pages and explore the names of Conquest’s greatest Champions.