Regiment Spotlight: Militia

“The Militia Act has been one of the most stabilizing and far reaching reforms ever implemented in the Hundred Kingdoms, curbing the power of the noble lords, while helping the population defend itself against outside threats. The dissolution of the Empire may have seen the institution decline, by and large, however, it has endured. More often than not, it is the will of higher nobility to keep men trained properly, ensuring a solid front line or range support for their armies, at little to no expense to them. Where they fail to protect the institution, the Orders are sure to sweep in and see the Militia properly trained, with Knights Errant of the Order of the Shield joining and leading the militia if needed.”

Their Role on the Field

Equipped and trained in combat by veterans or the Orders, the Militia is a first line of defense against enemies, until the heavier better equipped forces of their Kingdom arrive. On the table, the Militia and Militia Bowmen are melee and ranged Light Regiments respectively, serving as a Mainstay option for a Noble Lord.

The Militia’s main role is to hold the lines until relieved. As their purpose is mainly defensive it is encouraged to be used in larger Regiments where they Receive Resolve bonuses, boosting theirsurvivability significantly. The Militia Bowmen, provide relatively cheap ranged support, assisting the Militia in holding the line.

Being Light Regiments they may quickly position themselves in vantage points and fire flanking shots whilst a Militia Regiment engages the enemy. What they lack in Statistics they make up with their unique Command upgrades that greatly shape their way of play.

Command Upgrades

Errant of the Order of the Shield

Defiant champions of the revoked Lex Talionis, the Knights Errant of the Shield do not hesitate to dispense justice still, regardless of the status of the offender. Hunted by the nobility but living heroes amongst the common folk, their mere presence cause attacks made by Militia to always be treated as Inspired. Furthermore, Characters that have joined the Regiment receive +1 Attack during Duels.

Able to dispense Inspired attacks even after the Regiment has Rallied, the Militia can valiantly defend an Objective until it is relieved. If you really want them to hold an Objective, cast “Call Fog” on them for an extra layer of Defense.


The teachings of the Neophytes and their religious fervor drive their fellow Militia into zeal, giving the Devout Special Rule to that Regiment.


The support, provisions and equipment provided by the Orders through the Servites, ensure that the Regiments of Militia are drilled, well equipped and fed before battle. A Servite provides +1 March and +1 Resolve to the Regiment. Sporting a March value of 6, the Militia can quickly intercept enemy Light Regiments and push your army’s Reinforcement line forwards. The extra point of Resolve goes a long way in boosting your overall survivability. A Regiment of 6 Stands with a Resolve of 4 would be quite hard to dispense.

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