Adepticon 2022 Final Four Tournament Lists

A huge thank you to our entire Community for joining us this year AdeptiCon 2022! It’s been a long couple quarantine years and what better way to kick things off than a The Last Argument of Kings 2000 points Tournament, and what an absolute nail-biter that was!

After a couple of fierce Rounds, four players rose amongst the rest and fought head on for the title of the first AdeptiCon TLAOK Champion! Let’s see what they brought to the battlefield!

4th Place Eric Marchand – 100 Kingdoms

Eric came into the tournament with an awesome all-comers combined arms Hundred Kingdoms list! With a heavy focus on solid objective-capturing Regiments Eric managed to bring the right tools in the right spots and get a well deserved 4th place! The army was supported by 2 Regiments of Household Knights under “Speed of Horse” an excellent hammer to the Men at Arm and Gilded Legion anvil!

3rd Place Gary Whittemore – Nords

If brute force doesn’t solve your problems then you’re not applying enough Nord monsters! Gary made it very clear that the best way to get to top 3 is a healthy dose of Trolls backed up by some mean Blooded Characters! Gary made excellent use of his Stalkers using them to screen incoming Speed of Horse’d Knights that seemed to be popular in the tournament. The Ice Jotnar really shined when contesting an objective against an Apex Predator, scoring Gary that 1 point he needed to win in order to proceed to the finals.

2nd Place Benjamin Himebaugh – Hundred Kingdoms

Do you like Household Knights? Ben definitely likes them as 18 of them came crushing down enemy lines under “Speed of Horse”. An excellent list with amazing striking power, capable of destroying enemy Regiments in a single Charge. The list is extremely vulnerable however to fodder Regiments, clever placement and counter attacks. Once the Knights are engaged, the biggest part of their striking power is nullified, so watch out! Congratulations to Ben for charging his way to 2nd place!

1st Place Jeff Warner – W’adrhŭn

Think of everything that makes a W’adrhŭn army great! Dinosaurs, bigger dinosaurs and chanting priests, all part of Jeff’s list! With excellent tactics and high level strategies Jeff and Ben gave us a nail-biter of a final Round. Ultimately, Jeff’s forces overcame Ben’s Household Knights and took 1st place!

Thank you all for joining us at AdeptiCon this year, we are looking forward to seeing you at GenCon!

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