The Last Argument of Kings 1.5.1 Organized Play Update

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is a living Wargame, with rules changing to the better according to the design team’s directions and in tune with our community’s voice. As such, rules are clarified to better convey their meaning and purpose. These will be found under the FAQs section. You will notice that some of the FAQ questions are removed from this document as time passes. That is either because rules have changed to invalidate the question and/or response to it, or we have added clarifications to rules in the actual rulebook as per your suggestions.

Of course, as a company with responsibility to all the peoples of Eä, we employ beings of all Factions, including Ugr. We also use them as scapegoats for any errors you may find in the rules, and herein we provide corrections according to the Arcane Council of Factions. These will be found under the Errata section.

Also note that, while at times we post answers to questions online, this document is always in effect first and above any answers for any Tournaments or Matched play sessions. This document will be reviewed and changed accordingly at certain intervals; however, not all questions will be entered as they are not encountered often enough to warrant the “Frequently” part of the document.

Core Rules Errata

All Army Lists, Expose Weakness Mastery/Dark Blessing, change to:

“At the beginning of a Duel Action where this Character Stand is involved, choose one of your opponent’s Special Rules. That Special Rule has no effect during this Duel.”

Zonal Terrain, Broken Ground, Dangerous Terrain, Very Dangerous Terrain (pg 240), add line:

“Wounds caused by this Terrain Special Rule do not cause Morale Tests.”

Arcing Fire (pg 250), Change the following part to:

“If a Regiment composed entirely of Stands with this Special Rule (excluding Character Stands) performs a Take Aim Action, it may ignore Line of Sight when performing a Volley Action to any enemy Regiment in its front arc and within Line of Sight of any friendly Regiment…”

Bloodlust (pg 250), add line:

“A Regiment must always March its maximum March Distance when forced to move as a result of this Special Rule.”

Flawless Drills (pg 252), change the first sentence to:

“Once per game, this Regiment may perform a free Reform or Combat Reform Action during its Activation.”

Phalanx (pg 253), change to:

“This Stand has +1 Defense against Hits originating from the Regiment’s front arc caused by Volley, Clash and Charge Actions.”

Dweghom Changelog

Dragonslayers change to 2 Wounds and Fury 1

Dragonslayers cost 240pts, price per Stand stays the same.

Mnemancer’s Apprentice, change to:

“While the Mnemancer is alive, Stands in the Regiment have the Fearless Special Rule and +1 Resolve. In addition, any Character Stand in the Regiment has the Cleave 1 Special Rule and Re-Rolls failed Hit Rolls while fighting a Duel Action.”

Hundred Kingdoms Changelog

Dynastic Alliances Remove:

Finally, your Warlords may be assigned to a Regiment belonging to either of the two Warlords’ Warbands. Army List building restrictions still apply, both Warlord need a Regiment in their Warband they could legally join regardless of whether they opt to join a Regiment from another Warlord’s Warband.”

Noble Lord, remove the Jouster Weapon Art.

Longbowmen, change Volley Characteristic to 2.

Nords Changelog

Ice Jotnar, change Characteristics Profile to:

M         V          C          A          W        R          D          E

7          1          3          13        14        4          3          2

Old Dominion Changelog

Xhiliarch, add Centaur Prodromoi to Warband as Mainstay

Hierodeacon, add the following text to Spells:

“Each Spell can only be cast up to two times per Round by Hierodeacon Character Stands in this Army.”

Anastegma, Brand of the Faithless, change to:

“Each time an Enemy Regiment or Character Stand fails a Defense Roll against a Character Stand with this Treasure, each Wound inflicted counts as two for the purposes of Morale.”

Blasphemous Soma, change points to 40

Aura of Malice, change points to 40

Kentarch, change points to 40

W’adrhŭn Changelog

Chant the Battlecry, change first bullet point to:

“Exchange all Conquest Markers in the Sequence for a Famine, Death or War Chant Marker.”

Add Bound as Mainstay to all Characters Warbands

Veterans, change Defense to 2

Chosen of Conquest, change points to 240 points, 80 points per Stand

Drum Beast, Sound of the Drums:

Change to a Special Rule, instead of a Draw Event. Change wording to:

“As long as the Drum Beast is on the Battlefield, your Regiments are not obligated to Chant the Battlecry (it becomes optional).”

Aberration, change to:

“A Regiment with 5 or less Stands, excluding Character Stands, may include an Aberration. The Regiment gains the Lethal Demise Special Rule.”

Mistress, remove “One per Army” limitation.

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