Erich Schur

Tired by the drudgery of the capital of Argem and trapped by his own fame as a rogue but extremely effective tool, Captain Erich confronted his employer – the Chamberlain of the Imperial Estate – demanding action. After a tense exchange between the two, Erich was sent to Leuthbach to put a stop to the increased banditry in the area of south Hermannia. While the suggestion was Erich’s, it was not long before he suspected the Chamberlain was all to happy to sanction this mission. The man behind the bandits was, after all, a noble, one Enzo of Beriglia and Erich suspected exposing him served the Chamberlain’s plans in some way.  Experienced and backed by Imperial expertise, Erich soon found and confronted the culprit. After a swift victory, Erich did what Erich was known to do best: he lost his temper and executed the young noble.

With his own men complaining about his decision, Erich soon found himself confronted by the Chamberlain; and, perhaps unsurprisingly, an entire retinue of nobles that demanded to witness his punishment. What Erich did not expect was the type of punishment. Awaiting for the Chamberlain to berate him in public, while slapping his wrist in private and forcing him to lay low for a time, the Chamberlain publicly humiliated the seasoned veteran and assigned him to the Command Service Company, forcing him to serve drinks and look after the pampered diplomats of the capital. Despite every fiber of his military being screaming in fury for being punished for doing what deep down believed the Chamberlain expected him to do, Erich, in one of very rare occasions in his life, accepted the defeat and did as was told.

Relief came after Fredrik of Brandengrad reshuffled the entire nobility of Riismark and unilaterally offered land and titles to his supporters, often stripping old and established families that had fought him in the process. Eager to showcase that the events of the young King’s trials did not mean that the Chamberlain secretly supported such a radical move, Erich was ordered to ensure that Fredrik remained isolated during the Nord invasion on his shores. Further more, he was to remain ready to engage – either Fredrik or the Nords – when ordered. But as the Riismark Campaign raged on and after it had eventually ended, Erich was never ordered to move.

Tired of waiting, Erich then decided to “release” one of his most enthusiastic officers, the young noble Etienne and his idealistic followers. His plan was to force the Chamberlain’s hand to order him to chase after the young noble before he was lost or before a single youth’s folly was viewed as the Chamberlain’s involvement. True enough, the plan worked; sort of. In the end, it was Fredrik that invited Schur to Riismark, offering him and his men free passage through Riismark in their quest to recover the young noble. Grabbing the opportunity and eager to engage the Nords himself, Erich accepted. In the front he met with Master Everard of the Order of the Sword, acting marshal for the Riismark forces on the front against the Nords. Together, they devised a plan; Erich would lure the Nord forces outside the city of Angengrad, while Everard and the Order would assault the exposed city.

Little did Erich know that, once again, he was caught in the same type of intrigue and trickery that he so despised.