Road To Chios

Conquest World Tour Program

Dear aspiring Conquerors and Contenders from all across the world!

We are thrilled to announce: the Road to Chios – Conquest World Tournament, our much-anticipated annual premiere event. We’ve put together this detailed document that explains in detail how this will run. Keep in mind, this is just a starting point – as the document details how the program will unfold in 2024 for Conquest The Last Argument of Kings. Conquest First Blood will join the World Tournament Circuit coming next season.

Structure of the Program

What’s at the heart of the Conquest World Tour?

It’s all about giving you a structured and exciting way to engage in Competitive Play. We know that when the competition heats up, especially when a World’s Finals on a beautiful Greek island is on the line, rules need to be clear, precise and mindful of our Community. 

To make this happen, it’s crucial that everyone follows the guidelines we’ve laid out. Our only goal is for you to have fun playing Conquest while maintaining the integrity and solidarity of our community!

Table of Contents


The program operates in distinct Seasons, each spanning a year, with the exception of the year 2024.

During 2024, the Season kicks off January 18th and concludes on August 4th. This unique season culminates in the exciting announcement of those who have qualified for the Road to Chios World’s Finals, scheduled for September 22nd 2024.

Our next OP Season 4 begins on August 5th, 2024, extending all the way to the first weekend of August 2025.

Qualifier Events

To qualify each Player earns World Points (WP) throughout the Season by participating in World Events (WE). Players are encouraged to engage in as many World Events as they desire during each Season. However, it’s important to note that only their best performances will count towards their overall ranking. This will be detailed further in the section about World Rankings.

There are two types of World Events both requiring a minimum of 12 Players as explained in the “Meeting the minimum number of Players” section of the document.

  • World Community Events (WCE): These events are driven by the enthusiasm of local community leaders and receive approval from the Para Bellum team. A local community leader can be a Vanguard, selected individuals, or representatives from FLGS and Clubs.
  • Officially Sanctioned World Events (OSWE): These are events either organized directly by the Para Bellum team (such as the Las Vegas Open, London GT, etc.) or in collaboration with local communities. A comprehensive list of these events is available in the Officially Sanctioned World Events Table at the end of this document. In regions where such events are rare, we will be partnering with local communities to create more opportunities for these Officially Sanctioned World Events for Players.

It’s important to note that only events with a minimum of 12 Players will be recognized as a World Event. If a World Community Event or Officially Sanctioned World Event does not meet this requirement, it will be considered a casual event and won’t award World Points. Additionally, if a Player travels to a World Event that fails to meet the minimum Player requirement, Para Bellum is not responsible for any travel costs and will not provide refunds for participation fees, if applicable. We are all members of the Conquest Community, and each participating member should assist in making sure that events are attended, substitutes are arranged, and a good time is had by all.

Gathering World Points

Players accumulate World Points at each event, with the amount depending on their final placement and the total number of participants. In addition to points awarded for placement, every Player also earns World Points for participating, which is determined by the number of Rounds in the event. Furthermore, participation in Officially Sanctioned World Events grants a modest bonus in World Points to all Players.

Structure of World Point Gains:

  • Maximum Points Based on Placement: In any World Event, the maximum World Points a Player can earn as a result of placement equals the number of Players participating. Example: in a 12 Player event, the 1st Player earns 12 World Points. Similarly, in a 60 Player event, the 1st Player earns 60 World Points.
  • Decrease in Points for Subsequent Places: After the 1st place, the World Points earned decrease by 3 for each subsequent position.
    Example: in a 24 Player event, while the 1st Player earns 24 World Points, the 2nd Player earns 21, the 3rd earns 18, and so forth.
  • Participation Bonus: All Players in any World Event receive an additional number of World Points equal to the event’s Rounds as a Participation Bonus.
    Example: in a 12 Player event with 4 rounds, each Player receives an additional 4 World Points, on top of their placement-based Points.
  • Bonus for Officially Sanctioned World Events: Players participating in Officially Sanctioned World Events receive an extra 4 World Points.

Each Season starts with a fresh slate, with every Player’s World Points resetting to 0 while World Points gained during previous Seasons are added to a legacy total.

Example a) In a 12 Player Community World Event spanning 4 Rounds, the 1st Player earns a total of 16 World Points — 12 for their placement and an additional 4 as a Participation Bonus.

The distribution of World Points for the remaining Players follows the structure outlined in the diagram shown above.

Example b) In a 32 Player Community World Event comprising 5 Rounds, the 1st Player is awarded a total of 37 World Points: 32 for their winning placement plus an additional 5 as a Participation Bonus.

The distribution of World Points for the other Players  follows the structure outlined in the diagram shown above.

World Rankings

As each season draws to a close in early August, the final placement of each Player in the World Rankings is determined as shown below. One’s placement in the World Rankings will determine whether they will be the one to participate in the Conquest World Tour finals from their Region as we will discuss later.

The people at the top of the World Rankings are not guaranteed an invitation as seats are allocated by Region. A Player must be the highest Ranking Player of their Region to be invited regardless of the amount of World Points Players from other Regions have gathered.

  • 4 Best World Community Event Performances: World Points earned from each Player’s best 4 performances in World Community Events during the Season.
  • 3 Best Officially Sanctioned World Event Performances: Additionally, the World Points  from each Player’s best 3 performances in Officially Sanctioned World Events during the season are also included.
  • Total World Points: A Player’s total World Points for the Season is the sum of their 4 best Community Event performances and their 3 best Officially Sanctioned World Event performances.

Best performances are defined by the events where Players earned the most World Points, not necessarily their placement. This means that participating in larger events, which generally offer more World Points, can be more beneficial. Since only the best performances count towards the final World Rankings, Players are encouraged to participate in as many events as possible. This not only offers more opportunities to improve their scores but also aids in their growth and development as Players.

Examples of How Best Performances are Determined

Example 1: Leo placed 2nd in a World Community 12 Player event gaining 13 World Points (9 + 4). A few weeks later Leo traveled to a nearby Community and placed 4th in a World Community 48 Player event gaining 45 World Points (39 + 6). Even though Leo placed higher in the first event, the second event gained him more World Points and as a result is considered a better performance.

Example 2: At the end of a Season Marie had the following performances among their Community and Officially Sanctioned World Events.
World Community Events
1) 1st in a 12 Player Event (16 World Points)
2) 4th in a 12 Player Event (9 World Points)
3) 8th in a 30 Player Event (19 World Points)
4) 15th in a 64 Player Event (38 World Points)
5) 1st in a 20 Player Event (25 World Points)

At the end of the Season only performances 1,3,4 and 5 (best four) will count for a total of 98 World Points from Community World Events.

Then Marie gains World Points from their three best Officially Sanctioned World Event performances.
Officially Sanctioned World Events
1) 1st in a 18 Player Event (27 World Points)
2) 5th in a 27 Player Event (26 World Points)
3) 9th in a 65 Player Event (57 World Points)
4) 1st in a 43 Player Event (54 World Points)

At the end of the Season only performances 1,3 and 4 (best three) will count for a total of 138 Points from Officially Sanctioned World Events.

Marie’s final total of World Points for this Season as determined by their four best Community World Event performances and their three best Officially Sanctioned World Event performances is 236 World Points.

Keeping Track of my World Points

Players can monitor their progress anytime by logging into their Living World profiles. This can be done through the Conquest Companion App. Once logged in, Players can view their total World Points accumulated for the current Season. They’ll have access to a detailed breakdown showing how their totals are composed – specifically, from their top four World Community Event (WCE) performances and three best Officially Sanctioned World Event (OSWE) performances. Additionally, Players can review a comprehensive history of all the World Events they’ve participated in, offering a complete overview of their journey throughout the Season.

Who Gets Invited to the Finals?

As each Season wraps up, Players’ final World Points totals are calculated and added to the World Rankings. A higher accumulation of World Points not only boosts a Player’s ranking but also adds to the likelihood of them being selected as a representative for their Region. We’ll delve deeper into this process later on. The top Players from each Region, determined by their standing and the number of seats available, will be invited to participate in that Season’s prestigious Road to Chios – Conquest World Finals.

In 2024 there will be sixteen (16) available seats for the World Finals.

The available seats for each Region will be announced at the end of each Season and will be calculated as discussed below.

World Finals Seats Allocation

In the Conquest World Tour Program, our International Communities are divided into 12 distinct Regions, as detailed below. With each new Season, we will adjust these Regions and/or introduce new ones. This approach facilitates greater participation in events and supports those Communities known for frequently traveling to neighboring countries for events.

Regions and Their Countries

Region A

Mexico, Central America, South America and Africa.

Region B (USA)

Alaska(AK), Arizona(AZ), California(CA), Colorado(CO), Hawaii(HI), Idaho(ID), Montana(MT), New Mexico(NM), Nevada(NV), Oregon(OR), Utah(UT), Washington(WA), Wyoming(WY).

Region C (USA)

Alabama(AL), Arkansas(AR), Florida(FL), Georgia(GA), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Mississippi(MS), North Carolina(NC), Oklahoma(OK), South Carolina(SC), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX).

Region D (USA)

Illinois(IL), Iowa (IA), Indiana(IN), Kansas(KS), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Missouri(MO), North Dakota(ND), Nebraska(NE), Ohio(OH), South Dakota(SD), Wisconsin(WI).

Region E (USA)

Connecticut(CT), Delaware(DE), Maine(ME), Maryland(MD), Massachusetts(MA), New Hampshire(NH), New Jersey(NJ), New York(NY), Pennsylvania(PA), Rhode Island(RI), Vermont (VT), Virginia(VA), Washington D.C. (DC), West Virginia(WV).

Region F (Canada)

Alberta (AB), British Columbia(BC), Manitoba (MB), New Brunswick(NB), Nova Scotia(NS), Ontario(ON), Quebec(QC), Saskatchewan(SK).

Region G (Europe)

Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

Region H (Europe)

Iceland, Ireland, UK.

Region I (Europe)

Denmark, Esthonia, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland.

Region J (Europe)

Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

Region K (Asia)

China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, S. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.

Region L (Oceania)

Australia, New Zealand.

If you do not see your country in the list or wish to start a Community you can reach out to us directly at and we will help you get started on your path to build yours!

At the close of each Season, we assess all Regions that have hosted a minimum of four World Community Events, regardless of the number of Players. A World Community Event is considered to be hosted in a Region if it takes place within that Region.

We then count the total number of World Community Events held in these qualifying Regions. This total is used to calculate the share of events each Region has hosted, expressed as a percentage. We divide the number of events from each Region by the overall total to get this percentage. The resulting figure determines the number of seats allocated to each Region, rounded down to the nearest whole number, which could be zero.

Each Region then receives a number of invitations equal to the seats allocated to that Region. These invitations are extended to the highest-ranking Players from the respective Regions in the World Rankings. In cases where these Players decline the invitation, runner-ups will be selected to fill their spots.

A Region cannot claim more than 40% of the World Finals seats.

In 2024, 1 seat is reserved as a wildcard to be allocated to a Region on Para Bellum’s discretion regardless of the number of World Community Events. Any leftover seats will be allocated to the Regions with the most World Community Events always respecting the 40% limit.

Example 1: In 2024 a total of 1,000 World Community Events took Place. Region X hosted 200 of these events. Therefore, Region X hosted 20% of all World Community Events. Therefore, out of the 16 total seats 3 will be allocated to Region X.

Example 2: In 2024 a total of 1,000 World Community Events took Place. Region Y hosted 600 of these events. Therefore, Region Y hosted 60% of all World Community Events. However, out of the 16 total Seats Region Y can only be allocated 40% of all seats and will therefore receive 6.

Which Region do I Belong to?

Each Player is assigned to a Region based on the World Events they participated in. Each World Community Event is assigned to a Region based on where it takes place. As a result, when the majority of a Player’s World Community Event participation takes place in the events of a Region, that Region will become the Player’s Region. In other words where you play your community events, this is your community.

Officially Sanctioned Events are international in nature and do not count towards determining a Player’s Region.

If your country is not listed in any of the listed Regions make sure to reach us at and our Community team will make sure your local group can be included!

What if I don’t have Access to Official Events?

There are Conquest Communities around the world that do not currently have easy access to Officially Sanctioned World Events. However, Players from these Regions only compete against one another and therefore enjoy an even playing field. 

Lack of Officially Sanctioned World Events has no bearing on the amount of Seats a Region will get.

As mentioned earlier, seats are allocated based on the amount of World Community Events hosted in a Region regardless of the amount of participants. The Players that have the most World Points from that Region will be invited regardless of how many World Points Players from other Regions have gathered during a Season.

Let’s see an example below:

Let’s say 1,000 World Community Events took Place during a given Season. Region A hosted a total of 100 Community World Events all with 24+ Players participating and 3 Officially Sanctioned World Events all with 60+ Players participating. Region B hosted a total of 100 Community World Events all with about 12-15 Players participating but no Officially Sanctioned World Events. 

Regardless of the number of Players or OSWEs, both Regions hosted 10% of the total Community World events and will therefore both be awarded 10% of the seats.

Let us assume that the 10% of the seats translates to 2 invitations for each Region. The top 2 Players from Region A would have a very high World Points total as they had access to OSWEs. The top 2 Players from Region B have a lower World Points total as they did not have access to any OSWEs. Regardless of the size of events and OSWEs, Players from both regions had to compete only with Players from their own Regions and even though they have much different World Point totals compared to Players from different Regions they still received an invitation to the Conquest World Tour Finals.

Hosting World Community Events

World Community Events provide an incredible chance for local gaming communities and groups to immerse themselves in the Conquest World Tour, right from the comfort of your favorite FLGS or club. To dive into this global adventure, the designated Vanguard of your community simply needs to request a World Event! By requesting World Event status for your tournament, you open the door to being an integral part of this exhilarating worldwide experience. It’s not just limited to Vanguards – store/club owners and other community leaders are also welcome to apply and join the fun!

If there is no Vanguard in the area or a store/club owner wish to gain access to World Event submission make sure to reach us at

How to apply for World Event Status

World Event Status can only be requested through the Conquest Companion app! You will find the relevant option under the main app menu. Only Living World accounts of Vanguards, Store and Club owners will be able to submit a World Event Request and therefore have the option available. Any request must be submitted at least 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the day of the event.

An Event Organizer will have to provide the following information about the event:

  • The Event Organizer’s full name.
  • Contact Email.
  • Date of the Event.
  • The name of the Event.
  • Location of the Event.
  • Expected number of Players (this number does not need to be precise rather an estimation of the Event Organizer).
  • Any other important information the Event Organizer would like to share with the Para Bellum Community Team.

Once the application is submitted the request will reach the Para Bellum Community Team which will approve or deny the request. In either case the organizer will receive a notification via email within a week or the team will reach out if needing more information. Should the application be accepted then a unique Organized Play code will be sent to the Event Organizer.

At the day of the event, the Event Organizer needs only to create a Tournament via the Conquest Companion app and use the unique Organized Play code in order for the Tournament to gain World Event Status.

Once the event is over the Event Organizer must submit photos to the Para Bellum Community Team!

Playing at a Community World Event

A Conquest World Event is run just like any other official Conquest Tournament. Players must bring 2,000pts Army Lists and play for a number of Rounds depending on the number of Players.

A World Event may only be run using the official Conquest Companion App.

For all relevant information make sure to visit our Tournaments page here:

Event Organizer and Judging a World Community Event

As only a Vanguard and/or local Community leader may become the Event Organizers for a World Event they are expected to run and Judge the event. As a result, given the significance of World Points and what is at stake for the Conquest World Tour Program a Judge is not allowed to participate as a Player and does not count towards the 12 Player minimum for the event.

Event Organizers gain an amount of World Points from the event equal to the World Points gained by the 4th Player. This means that the larger the event the more World Points an Event Organizer can gain from that World Community Event. Judges gain World Points exactly as if they were playing in that event and still count towards the best 4 World Community Event performances for the Event Organizer.

Example: Sofia hosted three World Community Events throughout the Season and gained 15, 20 and 8 World Points as a Judge for the event. Then she joined another four World Community Events as a Player  and gained 10, 12, 14 and 18 World Points. As with any other Player Sofia will only have her 4 best performances count among the World Community Events she participated in regardless of whether she Played or Judged. In this case she would gain a total of 67 World Points (20+18+15+14), her best performances being a mix between the events she Judged and the events she played at.

Incentives for Organizing and Judging an event

Event Organizers play a pivotal role in our Community; without them no event would be possible. Recognizing their contribution, it’s vital that Event Organizers also gain World Points so as to maintain their competitive standing and have a shot at the World Finals. Communities are encouraged to collaborate and organize larger events, rotating the role of Event Organizer. This ensures that everyone gets a chance to participate.

At the end of each Season a Player that has Organized at least three World Community Events gains an additional bonus World Points equal to the highest Participation Bonus of one of their events.

Example: Stamos hosted three events in 2024 with 12, 30 and 67 Players respectively. Each event had 4, 5 and 6 World Points as a Participation Bonus respectively based on the amount of Rounds. Therefore Stamos will gain an additional 6 World Points at the end of the Season.

Official Rulings and Resources

To further aid Communities and Event Organizers run successful events, the Para Bellum Games website has a new and updated FAQ and Rulings page where Judges can find all latest information about FAQs, new Updates followed by Designer Notes and Rulings that may not be currently covered by the Core Rules of the game.
You can find these resources here:

An Event Organizer is encouraged to reach out to us ahead of time with any questions they believe may occur during an event and may need help with. You can always get official rulings at:

Rulings made by a Judge during ANY World Event are FINAL as are ALL points and standings.

Painting Requirements

This current Season – Season 3 – has no painting requirements for Community and Officially Sanctioned World Events. Players must have their armies based and painted for the Chios finals!

Meeting the minimum number of Players

To guarantee a level playing field for all Players across all Regions aspiring to qualify for the Conquest World Tour Finals, a strict minimum player requirement is essential. For an event to qualify as a World Event, a minimum of 12 Players must register and the entirety of a  Tournament’s scheduled Rounds be played.

Should a World Community Event gathers fewer than 12 Players and does not meet this requirement, it will be considered a casual event and won’t award World Points. Additionally, if a Player travels to a World Event that fails to meet the minimum Player requirement, Para Bellum is not responsible for any travel costs and will not provide refunds for participation fees, if applicable.

If such a case arises, the Event Organizer is encouraged to reach out to the Para Bellum Community team at so to help them fast track a replacement event.

While we understand that unforeseen circumstances may prevent a Player from attending an event, potentially affecting the event’s World Event status, this rule will be strictly enforced without exceptions. This policy is critical to maintain fairness and equal opportunity for all participants. We are all members of the Conquest Community, and each participating member should assist in making sure that events are attended, substitutes are arranged, and a good time is had by all.

Conceding a Battle and Leaving the Event

Even though conceding is not encouraged, as there is always a chance of winning, occasionally there are circumstances that will prompt a player to concede a game during an event or voluntarily leave the event entirely. 

It is entirely reasonable that a Player must leave the event prior to its conclusion or extenuating circumstances might cause them to leave before the end of an event. The Event Organizer must be informed of the Player leaving the event and follow all regular Tournament rules. A Player must play at least 1 Round, otherwise they face disqualification.

However, if an Event Organizer identifies that a player has registered for an event solely to meet the minimum player requirement, with no genuine intention of playing beyond the first Round, this may lead to disciplinary actions. Such actions could range from a warning to a possible ban from the Conquest World Tour Program for that Season. Repeated instances of this behavior may prompt the Para Bellum Community Team to take necessary actions against the Event Organizer as well.

To maintain transparency and organization, all event-related information—including participant PIN numbers, pairings, results, Army Lists, concessions, and disqualifications—are systematically tracked through the Conquest Companion App. No other tracking will apply and the totals in the app are considered final.

Number of Rounds and Venue/Player Availability

It is entirely possible that a World Event may require a number of Rounds that would not be practical in terms of venue availability or Players’ time. To mitigate this an Event Organizer is allowed to continue an event on a different date, effectively splitting in into two. This does not need to be submitted in the initial application, it must however be communicated to our Community Team. A World Event cannot be split into more than 2 different dates.

Example: Assume a World Event of 5 Rounds. A given venue may only be available for a single day where 5 Rounds would not be possible. It is as likely that Players could not commit the time to play 5 Rounds in a single day. The Event Organizer may opt to only hold 3 or 4 Rounds during that day and run the remaining Rounds on another day!

Player Availability and “Soft” Top Cuts
To further cater to your Players’ quality of life an Event Organizer may put in place a voluntary “soft” Top Cut in case the Event is split into two separate dates. Players that do not wish to play on the second date may drop the event without facing any fear of disqualification and will be rewarded World Points at the end of the event normally. Their final standing will be calculated as if they have dropped each Round. Dropping the Event in this way does not have an effect on the Event’s “World Event” Status given that a minimum of 8 Players continue playing on the second date.

Those who wish to continue may play on the second date for a chance at winning or achieving a better place in the rankings leading to more World Points. The Event Organizer is forbidden from forcing a Player to drop the Event. The Top Cut is strictly voluntary and any Player that wishes to continue playing on the second day has every right to do so.

You are Invited to the Conquest World Tour Finals!

Coming August 4th it is possible that you will receive an Invitation to play in the Conquest World Tour Finals in Chios! Your invitation means a spot at the World Tour Finals, free on-site accommodation, lunch and dinner for the three days of the event. These invitations are personal and a Player may not pass them on to another Player.

Once you receive your invitation you have 2 weeks (14 days) to make flight reservations and send the details to the Para Bellum Community team to secure your place in the finals. If proof of reservations is not produced within the two weeks the invitation will pass on to the next runner-up.

Each Player is responsible for their own traveling expenses as these are not included in the invitation.

Island of Chios, Greece
Venue: Giosonas Beach

The Event’s reception will take place Monday 23rd of September and will last until and including Wednesday the 25th. The schedule is as follows:

  • Casual Pre-Party Sunday 22 September,
  • Day 1 Reception Monday 23 September,
  • Day 2 Tournament Rounds 1 & 2 Tuesday 24 September,
  • Day 3 Tournament Rounds 3 & 4 Wednesday 25 (Prize Giving Party).
Prepare for Chios today!

If you’re planning to qualify for the finals get ready now so that if you get the call, you are ready!

  • Get your passport ready – be sure it is valid through 2024 if you have one, or get one in process if you don’t
  • Even though the final World Rankings will be updated August 4th, you are able to see whether you are in the top of your Region’s Rankings. If so, start preparing early!
  • Organize and play in as many World Community Events as possible
  • Encourage your friends and family to play…. It will make you sharper, and give more weighted value to each event you play. Healthy competition is good for all!
  • Ask questions, if you don’t know a rule well, read it, and then write to
  • Sunscreen – you will need this
  • Toga – very optional …. Very 5th Century….. (undergarments required)

Important Notice
While the spirit of the event will not change, it is possible that select details may change due to acts beyond our control, or simple realities and we reserve the right to adapt these plans without penalty, prejudice or permission. We will publish any changes on our website.

List of Officially Sanctioned World Events 2024

This list will be expanding as we add new OSWEs. We reserve the right to add events to this list at any moment without prior notice.

Season 3 Events

LVOJanuaryLas Vegas
GrandClashAprilQuebec City
Kubla-ConMayBurlingame, CA
UK Game ExpoJuneUK, Birmingham
Fantasticka OstravaJuneCZ, Ostrava

Season 4 Events

FreakwarsSeptemberSpain, Madrid
London GTSeptemberUK, London
Michigan GTSeptemberLansing, MI
The CrucibleSeptemberOrlando, FL
OctoGônesOctoberFrance, Lyon