Nagral of the Coati

Leading those of the roaming Tribes that would follow him, Nagral of the Coati, once consort to the Ukunfazane, invoked the ancient agreement between his people and the Orders to cross the Claustrine Gates. Pairing with Master Everard of the Order of the Sword, Nagral and his people roamed the lands west of the mountains, only to be turned away with polite words by local nobility.

Passing through the lands of the Russ – and gently but firmly guided that way – Nagral and his W’adrhǔn reached the borders of the province of Riismark. There, taking advantage of the turmoil in the land, while Nords and Dweghom run rampart, and the threat of the Alchemist and the Spire of Nepenthe ever loomed over the land, Nagral decided to change tactics. Despite Everard’s protests, the W’adrhǔn guide ordered his people to carve a place for themselves in the marshes of southern Riismark. To avoid provoking an overwhelming response, he refrained from attacking any cities or towns and instead drove the local population from farmlands. To ensure that Everard’s concerns were addressed – and to force local nobility to think twice before they moved against him – he appointed Everard to lead the operation and carefully remove local population.

The first to take notice was Duke Hemish of Bartenstein; but, despite Everard’s fears, his approach was almost friendly, offering settling rights if Nagral and his people bent the knee and fight to secure his borders against the Russ. Refusing the offer and hoping a King would offer more, Nagral chose instead to send riders and scout the situation North, where King Fredrik was engaging Nords and Dweghom alike. When his riders returned and reported that Fredrik had managed to fend off the Dweghom for now, rather than take Everard’s suggestion to lead his forces north and show he covers Fredrik’s flank, Nagral decided otherwise. Suspecting that the mere presence of the W’adrhǔn would present a challenge to the Dweghom, he decided to take Everard alone and ride to meet the man in person.

After a stealthy trip, Everard met on Nagral’s behalf with the King, who offered Nagral a choice: assist with the assault against the Nords, in person, and he would gain an honest and open audience. Despite his reservations, Nagral chose to join the fight alone, leaving Everard to inform his people of his fate, should things turn sour. During the assault of Angengrad, Nagral proved his worth many times over, by pushing further and deeper into the city than any but the King’s own infiltration force, aiming to kill the Nord Konungyr himself. But just as he was closing in on his target, the forces of Nepenthe struck, with Stryxes spreading mayhem in the city with their noxious gases, while elite forces flanked the human forces. Not without resentment, Nagral chose to abandon his chase of the Konungyr and instead help escort the isolated Fredrik out of the city.

His choice did earn him more than an audience. True to his word, Fredrik acted as a mediator between Nagral and Brand, the ruler of the lands his W’adrhǔn had occupied. In the negotiations, Nagral chose to act as a Vassal to King Brand, offering a number of warriors to protect the King’s lands, while being allowed to properly settle the lands they had already conquered.

Chant’Atl, the Wet Home, would become a stable base for the W’adrhǔn; but not all who followed Nagral would settle there. Too small a land for so many a Wa’drhǔn, the clans would rotate, with some seeking their fortunes elsewhere. Seeing some of his people venture into the unknown, Nagral pondered how the W’adrhǔn would change – and what that meant for the man who had led them there.