The Shattering

Many have argued over the method and reasoning of what the Ancestors did in War’s Chamber, their own descendants more deeply and more violently than any other. But in the end what is known is that from that whirlpool of Primordial powers emerged a race infused with Primordial Earth and Fire, baptized by the very blood and essence of War. Crafters and slaves no more, they were now free warriors: Dweghom.

Fueled by centuries of rage and powerlessness, the Dweghom spent centuries preparing themselves for the conflict they knew was coming. Their return from the deep would herald the end of countless millennia of peace. Gone was the time of short-lived rebellions and ruthless culling. This conflict would not be a rebellion, a battle of subjects against their master, but a true War, a contest of equals. Wielding the power and will to shake the very foundations of the world, the Dweghom would not hesitate to do so.

Driven by the same single-minded intensity that has marked the race since, they knew that the primordial might of the Elder Dragons had to be neutralized first. They struck upon a plan that would see the vast majority of those Elders neutralized before the rebellion began. That this plan would also shatter the world and plunge it into millennia of conflict was of little consequence, for their hatred knew no bounds.

All Works of magic demand a toll from their caster and none, not even the greatest of Dragon sorcerers, is immune to this immutable law. As a result, when a Working is broken, the caster feels it deeply; the greater the Working, and the caster’s investment, the greater the pain. Weak or tired casters have been known to die from the magical feedback of one of their Workings being destroyed.

From the dawn of Creation and the Primordial War, no greater Workings than the bindings of the Four Horsemen have been attempted, by mortal or immortal alike. So when the greatest of the Dweghom Gifted gathered at the Chamber of War and in one thunderous detonation breached the containment field that held the imprisoned Primordial, its original casters, the very Eldest of Dragons, were struck a terrible blow. Across Ea, Elder Dragons shuddered and collapsed, the power of their Primordial workings slamming back into their fragile physical bodies, ripping their mortal forms and rendering them helpless to the coming war.

Then the Chamber of War collapsed and the world broke.

The First War
The First War
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