How They Play – Dweghom

Who are the Dweghom?

The Dweghom are what remains of the Dwarves, themselves a creation of the dragons of old. To escape servitude under their creators those that become the Dweghom traded their souls to become the patrons of War itself. Using it to slaughter the Dwarves who did not make this transition, and destroy their former masters. Dweghom are hosts to power they were never meant to have, and it eats away at them. They have been enhanced with great elemental prowess, fire and steel, but at a massive price, clad in prosthetics, the Dweghom fight this degeneration or embrace it, forming the different factions of their society. Dweghom society is marked by its proclivity towards conflict to the point where it’s fundamental to their system of Aghm, vaguely translated to “worth” Aghm is forefront in the mind of every Dweghom.

The Dweghom wrested their freedom from their creators, the Dragons, even as they shattered War’s prison and unleashed that ancient scourge upon Ea. Blessed with the primordial power of their new patron and infused with Elemental Earth and Fire, the Dweghom were all but unstoppable, shattering the world and permanently ending the reign of Dragons. However, their very strength became their weakness as War’s patronage came at a price of endless conflict and the very elemental power they armed themselves with threatened to overwhelm them. Even in this, Dweghom society is at odds with itself: one faction embracing this powerful curse as the ultimate price for their freedom while others work tirelessly to overcome it. 

How do they play?

Dweghom armies are slow, tough, and implacable as one might expect of their ancestry. However what truly makes them unique is their magic. With access to fantastic combat magic and defensive spells Dweghom are capable of being an elemental hurricane on the battlefield throwing out walls of fire, slowing enemies down by turning the very earth they stand upon against them. Combined with very powerful, elite infantry and strong specialized non-infantry choices to round out the army, Dweghom players tend to decide where they want to go on the table and relentlessly carve a path there no matter the odds.

Why should I collect them?

If you enjoy tough, immovable walls of infantry, able to shrug off enemy attacks like they were nothing, combined with spell slinging with the best of them, Dweghom might be the army for you. Players who enjoy the industrial aesthetic but with a fantastical twist will love Dweghom models.
Dweghom commanders depend on the extreme resilience and reliability of their soldiers to ensure victory. While other armies might boast better offense, their attacks are nothing to be sneezed at, allowing them to grind down enemy regiments that have already been mauled by their powerful casters. A skilled Dweghom general will be able to leverage this advantage to crush their opponent with sinew, steel and fire.

Where do I start?

If you wish to start the Ardent, embracing the freedom War granted his firstborn, picking up an Ardent Kerawegh is essential, combined with Hold Warriors and Flame Berserkers you have an excellent beginning to an Ardent Host. The launch of Initiates and Wardens later this year will only increase your threat range. 

If you want to start the Clans, the professional military arm of the Dweghom from their Dragonslayers to their weaponized Drakes, the Dweghom One Player Starter Set is an excellent starting point.

If you’d like to start the Tempered, those who have incorporated their magic into war suits and the mages of the army, consider grabbing a Tempered Sorcerer, and Fireforged, with a mighty Hellbringer Drake to make a powerful force that can hit at range.

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