Chamber of War

“And, broken, the Destroyer spoke and said: “Fools! I may not be stopped, I may never be imprisoned! For to wage war to end me, is to revel and exalt me!” And they listened at his words and they learned and in this endless nature, they saw the makings of his prison, forged from the very elements that shaped him. And pieces of him they took to make it. Fire to burn fire. Metal to hold metal. Magma to shower burning rock. War perpetual, War warring War, War until the end of time. Such was his sin, so such was his punishment. Eternum.”

– “The Works of the Unborn”, Celestial Bureaucracy Approved Text #653.121

…Every rage fueled strike of the Ancestors’ pickaxes and every angry, shattering blow of their hammers had become a prayer, turning their ordeal into a pilgrimage that burrowed through not only the miles of obdurate stone that separated them, but across the very borders of reality itself, until they stood before the throne and prison of War, the Second Horseman and Incarnate Soul of Destruction.

All Dweghom are taught this memory, Dheureghodh, the Breaking, by their Mnemancers. It was then that the very race and fate of the Dweghom were altered forever, finding the means of their freedom in War’s prison and War itself. Physically changed by their sojourn and efforts in War’s prison, their bodies swelled with the gifts of Primal Fire and Earth. They became tremendously resistant to fire, heat and its effects also needing far less food and rest that their physiology would otherwise dictate. A remarkably large percentage of the Dweghom population also displays the Gift. Gifted Dweghom are characterized by tremendous potency, but very little control. Some of them see this as a byproduct of the manner in which they came into these powers; a poisoned gift from a capricious master. A Dweghom who does not master them is doomed to be consumed by them.

Their return from War’s prison heralded the end of countless millennia of peace. Gone was the time of short-lived rebellions. This conflict would not be a rebellion, a battle of subjects against their master, but a true War, a contest of equals. Wielding the power and will to shake the very foundations of the world, the Dweghom looked at their creators in the eyes and took the fight to the Dragon Rooks, plunging the whole world into chaos and flame. When the ashes of that conflict finally cooled, only the Dweghom were left standing. Driven by their own unreasoning and bitter pride, they had quenched their fury in the blood of their makers… and their ancestors. Of the Dragon Rooks and their loyal slave population only cinders remained.

Alas, War’s teachings resent peace and Memory does not bring unity. In the centuries after the Dragons were eradicated and their slave population destroyed, the Dweghom lost their focus. Sickened by their belligerence, the High King and his family abdicated their leadership. Alone and without a purpose to guide them, the Dweghom called upon their Mnemancers to lay their deeds before them and build their new society. They looked upon their past, their future and each other  and promptly disagreed…

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