The Last Argument of Kings Version 2.0 Update

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings version 2.0 is here and it’s packed with new features and improvements that will take your tabletop experience to the next level. From streamlined features and improved mechanics this update is sure to help both new and veteran players alike.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the main changes coming in the 2.0 update. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what’s new!


This update sees the integration of our FAQ and Errata into the Core Rules. Although a big part of the
text has been updated, it is the way rules are explained that has changed, not how the game is played.
You can expect the game to play and feel the same way as before, just easier to reference and

● Streamlined language is now used across all Rules for ease of reference.
● Special Rules, Spells, Items, effects etc. now use standard templates.
● A minor points re-adjustment has been made throughout Army Lists to account for the new
ways in which Infantry Stands operate.
● Previously commonly used undefined terms are now properly introduced into the text and
codified into the system for ease of reference.
● A system-wide revisit of wording, examples, diagrams and explanations.


Infantry Stands now operate much like their Brute, Cavalry and Monster counterparts, in that their
Characteristics are no longer calculated on a per Model but on a per Stand basis. This allows an
incredible amount of design space to open up as Characteristics like Attacks or Wounds no longer have to
be adjusted in increments of 4. We are now capable of having a Stand with 5 Attacks or 6 Wounds rather
than the usual increments of 4 and 8.

● Individual Models are no longer removed. Instead the whole Stand is removed when it loses all
its Wounds.
● This allows us to design Regiment and make them feel closer to the lore. 4 Men At Arms do not
withstand as much punishment as 4 W’adrhun Blooded!
● Stands are no longer restored with a single Wound. You must be able to Heal at least half of a
Regiment’s Wounds (rounding up) with a single Healing effect before you are capable of
restoring a Stand. That works for Infantry as well as Brutes and Cavalry.
● Rules like Fury, now simply give +1 Attack until the end of the Round instead.
● Further helps balance Infantry as compared to everything else.


Impact Attacks are no longer derived from the Attacks Characteristics of a Regiment and it’s no longer
implied by the Type and Class of a Regiment. A Regiment now simply has the Impact (X) Special rule
stating exactly how many Impact Attacks it inflicts.

● Throwing Weapons, Unstoppable Charge etc. no longer needed.
● Fallen Divinity no longer needs throwing weapons to inflict Impact; it simply has the Impact (X)
special rule.
● Support and Impact interactions are much more clear now.
● Rules like Speed of Horse are much simpler to understand and communicate now.|


Barrage (X) is now calculated on a per Stand basis.
● You are no longer halving your shots when firing over half range. Instead you gain +1 Barrage if
you are within Effective Range. E.g. A Regiment with Barrage (3) (20”) will fire 4 shots if Volleying
within 10”.
● No more Obscuration due to range.
● Barrage (X) values yield slightly less shots in total to account for no Obscuration as well as slightly
reduced range.
● Complete restructure of how LoS is explained. The end result is the same, only much cleaner and
is easier to understand.


● Command Upgrades now renamed to “Officers” for consistency.
● Each Regiment now has a dedicated Command Stand where the Leader, Standard Bearer and all
Officers go. It now explains proper placement and is clearly defined within the rules.
● Rules like “Glory Seekers” are much simpler to define and explain.
● Expands our design space for new and unique Officer abilities.


● Each Spell now requires 2 successes to be cast.
● Scaling levels are re-adjusted.
● Spellcasters no longer purchase spells, instead they know every Spell available to them. Only
exception being those Character Stands with access to “Schools” that must pick one, at no
additional cost.
● Re-adjusting Spells Attunement levels and effects across the board.
● Spells now last until the end of the Round unless mentioned otherwise.


● Faction Specific rules are now moved to their respective Army Lists.
● Certain rules are removed as they are no longer needed given the system’s new mechanics (e.g.
Fury and Throwing Weapons).
● Certain rules are removed and will return as Faction specific ones in the future.

See all the changes by downloading the full rules for FREE here! Keep an eye out for the Army Lists coming this Wednesday!

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