Spotlight: Army Builder

With massive armies clashing throughout the world of Conquest, the thundering roars of monsters and the volleys of arrows raining from above make life very hard for the poor scribes that need to keep records of their Kingdom’s armies. Scribes and Officers rejoice! The time of recording Orders of Battle with quill and parchment has come to an end, as we proudly give you the Conquest Army Builder!

Let us dive in, make a new Army List from beginning to end and explore all the great features of the Army Builder. You can follow the step-by-step guide below by clicking above the article you are reading right now. This will open a new window to the Army Builder.

Here it is in all its glory!

Before we get into the actual Army Building, it is important to talk about one of our favorite additional features, which ties the Army Builder to the Command Cards and will always keep your cards useful and relevant. You may have noticed that, with the exception of our Core Box Set cards, which are printed with their unit’s rules to help new players, all Conquest Command Cards have a scan-able QR code. While in no way connected to the use of the Command Cards in the game, these QR codes are primed for use with the Army Builder. Let us see how!

While using the Army Builder on your smart device (phone or tablet), tap the “Scan” button on the top right corner of the Army Builder home page.

Once this button is pressed, direct your device’s camera to the QR code on your Command Cards and you will instantly see the latest rules for that Regiment/Character (you may need to give to your browser access to your device’s camera). This is a simple and fast way to be reminded of your unit’s statistics without consulting your army list, as well as a great way for you to read up on your enemy’s Regiments as they come out of the Command Stack (and vice versa). Please keep in mind that an active internet connection will be needed on your device for this feature to work.

This feature is especially important to us since, not only will our players never feel like they have to buy new cards, but also, as we move forward with Conquest, we will be providing alternative art Command Cards as part of Organized Play and Tournament events. The QR codes ensure that the cards will remain relevant and up to date, even if a unit’s rules change in the future. We would like to remind you that you can find the full, updated ruleset on our website here and a reference for your army when you export your Army List into a pdf from the Army Builder (more on that below).

So, onwards to list building! By clicking on the “Browse Factions” you will be able to review all of the Regiments and their statistics at your leisure. For now, click on “Prepare for War” and let’s design our first list!

For our first list we will use a force from the mighty Kingdom or Pravia! We will select the points we would like to play at and then click on to “The 100 Kingdoms”.

Here we get access to everything that the Hundred Kingdoms can muster. On the left you will find all the options available to you and to the right everything that you have already selected. To start designing our list we need to add a Character. Let’s go ahead and add a Noble Lord for 65 points by clicking on the “+” button next to the entry.

Once we select our Character we may click on the icon to the left of their entry to attach Regiments to the Character’s Warband. You will notice that only the Regiments available to that specific Character as Mainstay or Restricted are shown as possible additions. This will make things a lot easier and will not require you to remember by heart which options are available to the Character. Once you are done with your Regiment selections you may click again on the icon left of the Character to deselect the Warband and add another Character. If there is any difficulty using the Army Builder’s tools you can always click “Help” and get all relevant information.

After selecting your Regiments, you may click on the “Gear” icon to the right of every entry to customize it and add upgrades. Every time you add a new upgrade the Regiment/Character entry will be updated with the additional rules. For example my Noble Lord is an Arms Master granting him the Cleave (2) Special Rule. You will see how his entry has been updated to show it.

You can go ahead at this point and experiment with the all the different entries and Characters available to you. For now I added a Chapter Mage and an Imperial Officer to finish the list. I focused heavily on Medium Regiments with two ranged Light Regiments for early play and a Regiment of Steel Legion to secure an objective. This is how the list is so far!

Once you finalize your list, it’s time to share it with the world! We give you quite a few options for that. If you are posting on forums and discussing list building on social media, you can always get a “Shareable text” version of the Army List which is made for exactly such occasions.

You may also provide a shareable link of the Army List that will take people to the Army Builder and they can amend their list should they wish to, as seen below. You can also find the shareable link at the bottom of the “shareable text” version of the Army List.

Finally, you may export the Army List on a .pdf format that will come with built-in Reference for ease of use as you see it here.

The Kingdom of Pravia is now ready to go to war! Go to the Army Builder, explore all the different Regiments and Characters and build mighty lists! What list will you build? Send us your Army Lists along with the shareable links and we can discuss them on our Social Media!

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