Version 1.03 – Amendments!

You had questions and we have answers for you! These amendments will address outstanding balance issues and answer questions you sent us on our social media and Discord!

Stay tuned as next week we will be releasing a comprehensive PDF with all FAQ, wording polishes and Amendments for your perusal and use in game.

Let the Amendments begin!


Flank, page 215
Change the text to read: “A Regiment containing at least one Stand with this special rule does not contribute a die to the Reinforcement Roll if it would normally do so. Instead, the player will choose whether it will arrive from Reinforcements or it will delay for a later turn. When the Turn comes that the Regiment’s Class automatically passes Reinforcement Rolls, it cannot use this ability to further delay its entrance.”

Shields X, page 217
Change the text to: “Th­is Stand has +1 Defence against all hits originating from the Regiment’s Front Arc.”


Plaguelord, page 264
Change the text to read: “Whenever an enemy Regiment in contact with this Character’s Regiment receives a Decay X Draw Event, increase the Decay X value by 1.”


Flame Wall, page 269
Change the point cost to 45.

Flame Wall, page 281
Change Casting Difficulty to “3, Scaling”

Eruption, page 269
Change the point cost to 45.

Eruption, page 281
Change Casting Difficulty to “3, Scaling”

Change the text to read: “Nominate a Stand of the target Regiment that is within range. Then, all Regiments (friendly and enemy) within 6” of that Stand suffer 1 Hit for each Stand within that distance. All Hits suffered from Eruption have the Armor Piercing 1 special rule. Measure distance to each Stand from the closest edge of the nominated Stand.”

Elemental Puissance, page 267
Change the text to read thus: Your Warlord Tempered Sorcerer gains one additional action this Activation. Note that this allows them to perform two identical actions per Activation, however they may must cast a different Spell if they choose the Spellcasting Action twice.

Heart of the Mountain, page 280
Replace the word “increase” with “decrease”.

Fueled by the Furnace, page 280
Change its Masteries type to “Arcane”.

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