Tips: The Hundred Kingdoms Warband Bundle

The Hundred Kingdoms Warband Bundle provides all the necessary building blocks for an all-around Hundred Kingdoms list to be put together. This Army List combines the versatile Regiment selection of the bundle along with the Militia -now being available as a Theist Priest mainstay Regiment- making an enduring  force full of religious zeal and divine strength!

The main part of your force will hold its ground capturing and contesting Objectives, while the Theist Priest will ensure that your Regiments will be able to Inspire and Attack even after being Broken, by removing Regiment’s Broken Status without having to use a Rally Action. Even if things start looking grim, the Priest’s “Incite Fervour” Supremacy Ability will keep your forces fighting until the might of the Steel Legion arrives to secure the day!

The Hundred Kingdoms Army List

The Hundred Kingdoms - 2000/2000
Warband Bundle Army List - The Hundred Kingdoms
Noble Lord [85]: The Shroud of St. Lazarus
- Men at Arms (6) [240]: Seasoned Veteran
- Household Knights (3) [185]: Standard Bearer
Imperial Officer [115]: Bastion, Armor of Dominion
- Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]
- Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]
- Steel Legion (6) [325]: Standard Bearer
- Steel Legion (6) [325]: Standard Bearer
Theist Priest [105]: Select as Warlord, Saint's Favour
- Militia (6) [205]: Neophyte
- Militia (6) [205]: Neophyte
Characters: 3
Light Regiments: 4
Medium Regiments: 2
Heavy Regiments: 2
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