Tips: Founder’s Exclusive – Nords Bundle

The Nords Warband Bundle builds up on the early game aggression the Nords are such experts at. This Army List revolves around the Jarl’s Supremacy Ability, Surprise Attack! Your objective is to bring on to the table as many Light Regiments as possible and rush the enemy lines. Once you activate Surprise Attack you are denying your opponent the possibility of bringing Reinforcements reliably during a crucial turn.

This Army is designed to strike hard and crush the opposition before they manage to establish a firm foothold on the battlefield.

Let’s see the Army list in detail:

Jarl [60]: Warlord

  • Raiders (6) [270]
  • Raiders (6) [270]
  • Ugr (3) [150]
  • Ugr (3) [150]

Blooded [70]

  • Stalkers (3) [180]
  • Stalkers (3) [180]
  • Stalkers (3) [180]
  • Mountain Jotnar (1) [155]

Shaman [65]: Blurred Vision

  • Raiders (3) [135]
  • Raiders (3) [135]

The larger Raider Regiments accompanied by the Jarl rush forwards screening enemy Light Infantry as the smaller Regiments accompanied by the Shaman attempts to mitigate retaliation by casting Blurred Vision on enemy Ranged Regiments.

Blurred Vision causes enemy Regiments only be able to declare Charge or Volley targets within 12″. Given how the spell has a range of 14″ the Shaman forces his opponents to spend an Action Marching to get into range.
This way enemy Ranged Regiments will have to March into range rather than Aiming and Volleying, luring them closer to your savage Raiders!

The Stalkers Flank and Vanguard Special Rules allow for them to reliably secure the Raiders’ flanks and finish off any Light Regiment that has not already fall by the Raiders.

At this point Jarl calls for Surprise Attack and you get to get to have another round against your enemies Light forces with very little if any support from their Heavier Regiments.

You can find the Army List here and experiment with it as you like!

Make sure to check the deal here and secure your exclusive Founders’ signed copy!

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