London Grand Tournament TLAOK Results Are In!

Great London weather, Vanguards, good food and awesome Community members laid down the groundwork for a great TLAOK weekend! LGT was a blast and after multiple Rounds of merciless battle in the fields of Eä, James Reah led his W’adrhŭn to victory claiming 1st place! Now it’s time to go back, reflect and strategize for our next Grand Tournament, Las Vegas Open! I am Leo, Rules Designer for Conquest TLAOK and First Blood and I’ll be your guide into the state of the game!

1st Place James Reah (W’adrhŭn)

Matriarch Queen: Loyalty, Conquest 2, Death’s Gaze, War

  • Braves (6): Champion, Standard Bearer
  • Apex Predator: Icon of Conquest
  • Blooded (4): Standard Bearer

Predator: Apex Master, Fire and Advance, Death’s Reach, Death

  • Raptor Riders (6): Huntress
  • Apex Predator: Icon of Conquest

Scion of Conquest: Warlord, Wasteland Adder, Arcane 1, Conquest 2, Crescendo, Beast Drums, War

  • Braves (6): Champion, Standard Bearer

As all Braves, Chieftains and Matriarch Queens know, the humble Apex Predator is a social animal and thrives on the Battlefield when it has a friend. Whilst one Apex graciously carves a path of carnage the other Apex… does pretty much the same! James brought this fascinating list to LGT filled with huge dinosaurs, raptors and all the W’adrhŭn muscle he could pack! 

Jame’s list has all the great makings of a powerful W’adrhŭn list, Impact Hitting Braves (with Death’s Gaze), an Apex Master and a second Apex to seal the deal!

2nd Place Chris Howell (Old Dominion)

Fallen Divinity: Warlord, Implacable, Aura of Malice

Archimandrite: Hazlia’s Touch, Unholy Baptism, Blasphemous Power

  • Bone Golems (3)
  • Kheres (3): Insanity
  • Legionnaires (4): Standard Bearer, Leader
  • Moroi (3): Translocation

Strategos: Dominion 2, Legio I ‘Primigenia’

  • Praetorian Guard (5): Standard Bearer, Leader
  • Legionnaires (3): Leader

Hierodeacon: Blasphemous Soma

  • Legionnaires (4): Leader

What is the only thing scarier than two muscle-bound Apex Predators? An actual manifestation of a lesser god from Hazlia’s pantheon! With enough bodies to supply the Fallen Divinity with essence and an Hierodeacon to further speed the Divinity’s ascension, Chris’s Legions of Old saw victory against the stalwart 100 Kingdom defenders of Ian Manson gaining him enough VP’s to ascend to 2nd Place!

3rd Place Josh Coanford (Nords)

Blooded: Warlord, Dragon, Rjóða, the Red Bringer

  • Stalkers (3)
  • Trolls (5): Leader
  • Trolls (4): Leader
  • Mountain Jotnar (1) 


  • Raiders (3) 
  • Mountain Jotnar (1)

Konungyr: Bear, Combat 3, Veteran Warrior, Raven Messengers

  • Huscarls (5): Thegn, Skald, Leader

Mighty warriors, beasts and giants, brute force was the theme of Josh’s LGT list! After a hard fought battle against Dave Richardson’s Spires, Josh moved up and faced James at the top table! Although the Blooded and Konungyr carved a bloody path through Jame’s W’adrhŭn, the Apex’s ultimately overpowered the Mountain Jotnars allowing control over the board’s objectives. Josh scored an impressive 3 Wins to 1 loss and 41 VPs in total conquered the 3rd place!

What is your favorite list? How would you change the lists seen above? Make sure to tune in for LVO 2023, and prepare to fight against the toughest commanders the Conquest Community has to offer!

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