Rules in a Nutshell and Prideborne Rules are out!

End of April sees a small but exciting update to the Spires and a new “Rules in a Nutshell” Page for all Factions! The rules are live on the PDF version of the Army Lists and the app will see the rules updated by Tuesday, April 30th!

More specifically in this update you will find the following:


  • New Lineage Prideborne Entry
  • Leonine Avatara are now Cavalry
  • Spire Faction Special Rules have been updated to include the Prideborne
  • City States Skorpios changed to 130pts
  • Rules in a Nutshell page for all factions!

First Blood

  • New Lineage Prideborne Entry
  • New Leonine Avatara Entry

If you want to learn more about the Lineage Prideborne and designer notes on the update that just came out make sure to check our FAQ, Updates and Designer’s Notes here:


If you’re interested in starting a new army or simply wondering about how a faction’s special rules work you can always reference the page to get a quick and comprehensive overview!

Check the updated Army Lists here!

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