Version 1.03 FAQ Part 3

You had questions and we have answers for you! This Part 3 of our FAQ series will address all of the questions you sent to us on Discord and social media and once complete will all be compiled into one comprehensive document for your perusal and reference!

So let’s bring on the answers!

Q: When it comes to the Reinforcement line, does a Medium Stand in a Regiment of Lights (Jarl with Raiders for example) create its own separate line for bringing on Heavies?
A: The class of the regiment determines the line. Character are not Regiments, even if they are considered part of the Regiment they are attached to.

Q: Catabolic Node: Do the hits inflicted by Catabolic node count as being part of the Clash Action and therefore affected by a Shield?
A: As per its entry, it hits from the front, therefore does not bypass the Shield. Yes it counts as part of a Clash Action.

Q: In terms of the Reinforcement line is it redrawn after every Activation? Does this mean that I could travel the whole table length in Round one?
A: The reinforcement line is determined at the beginning of the Turn. However, it can only be pushed back as a result of an Enemy Regiment crossing it. Not be pushed forward. You will need to wait until your next turn before you push further.

Q: How does Cascading Degeneration work if the Character Stand is destroyed?
A: If the Character Stand is destroyed then it is no longer in base contact and therefore does not inflict Decay to Enemy Stands.

Q: Regarding Volley Actions, does a front Rank of a Regiment obstruct the back Rank of the Regiment?
A: The front Rank fires normally and the other Ranks Support with one shot per stand.

Q: Are Regiments inside Garrison Terrain unaffected by spells such as Eruption and Fire Wall that affects Stands?
A: The Stands are a game entity. Models are there to track Attacks, Wounds, etc. Therefore, it is Stands that occupy Garrison Terrain. Spells will affect your Stands when inside Terrain.

Q: Does a Character replace a Model in an infantry Regiment or does he stand on his own Stand.
A: An infantry character stands on his own stand as of the 1.02 version of the rules. Therefore a regiment of 3 Stands of Infantry would be a total of 4 Stands when you count the Character. As of the time of writing we have released sets of Stands and bases to use for your Characters.

Q: In the case where multiple Decay effects would stack at different moments of a turn, how does Decay interact with the Resist Decay rule?
A: You add the total decay and subtract the resist decay at the end of the Regiment’s Activation.

Q: Do Priests count for the purpose of Enemy Interference.
A: Both Priests and Wizards are casters, therefore both count towards Enemy Interference.

Q: Clarifying mixed-Class Regiments scoring.
A: When contesting an objective, you contest against enemy scoring Stands.

Let’s take the example of a Light Regiment with a Medium Character against a Medium Regiment.

Your 3 Light Stands contest the Enemy’s 3 Medium scoring Stands. The Enemy’s 3 Medium stands, Contest your 1 scoring Medium Stand. In that case no one scores.

Lets see another example.

Player A has a Medium Regiment that is 4 Stands strong.
Player B has a Light Regiment that has suffered casualties and is 2 Stands strong. However, a Medium Character Stand has joined (so it has a total of 3 Stands in the Regiment).

Player B contests against 3 of Player A’s Medium Stands. (2 because of the two Light Stands and 1 because of the Medium Character
stand). Player A contests against the Medium Character Stand. In this case Player A is left with one uncontested scoring stand and therefore scores.

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