Flame Berserkers

All Dweghom possess an incredible affinity to the elements of Earth and Fire, a legacy from the struggles their ancestors waged with the Dragons and their creations. While this Gift manifests in a limited fashion amongst most, granting them their outstanding endurance and strength, amongst a limited number the manifestation is much more intense. Among the Clans, these souls are given to the Tempered. There they face a choice: either the hobbling of their Gift that the individual might return to his clan and live in peace, or its mastery under the tutelage of the Tempered. To allow the Gift to run rampant is to invite death, the body overwhelmed in an agonizing fashion as the power grows beyond their capacity to master it. Unable to vent this power, it slowly leeches into their physical form, reducing flesh and bone to ash, or crystalizing and petrifying the wearer from the inside out.

For a true Ardent believer, these choices are simply unconscionable. Their Ancestors granted them the strength of the Earth and power of Fire to combat their masters and creators. Even in the face of death, any other path is an insult to the very Ancestors who released them from slavery. Among the Ardent, Flame Berserkers are a small brotherhood who, gifted beyond their peers with the raw power of the Element of Fire, do not seek to master or tame it, but rather embody it.

For most, this transition happens during the Dheukorro, the Descent, the trail of passage all Ardent must complete to prove their devotion. The stress and danger of that ordeal often awaken their Gift. Their bodies, their weapons, some say their very souls are set ablaze once its power is unleashed. These Initiates abandon the kin band travelled with, striking off into the deeper darkness with no one at their side but the power raging within them. Many fall to the dangers lurking within those dark tunnels, but those that survive are instinctually guided ever deeper into the darkness.

None speak of what happens in the deep, but when they return they are changed: their bodies sport crude implants that compensate for those losses they have suffered to foe or flame, while their obsidian arms and what little armor they bear are impervious to the flame and heat they generate. On the field of battle, the elemental Fire burning within them grants them a speed and power few others could hope to match, rising in power and tempo the fiercer the conflict rages. Soon, each berserker is engulfed in a corona of fire that swirls around them, burning lesser foes to cinders, even before the deadly axes reap their own toll.

In their mind, the trade is a favorable one: life for glory, time for worth. They view these Gifts, and their choice in how to wield them, as a manifestation of the very freedom their Ancestors broke the world for. They will either die in battle or be consumed by their own power. Until then they will live without remorse or restraint and never without Aghm, without worth.  

It is this, above all the other overwhelming advantages, that make Flame Berserkers such a terrifying foe to face.  Only when one faces them on the field of battle can one truly grasp that behind the swirling flames and red-hot flurry of axes, lies a being that has consciously chosen self-immolation over survival; destruction over preservation; the death of their foes at the price of their own.

This box contains: 12 Plastic Miniatures (with the option of two Command Models), 3 Plastic Infantry Stands, 12 Plastic Bases and 1 Command Card.

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