Character Portrait: The Fractured Concord

The Fractured Concord Paradox:

Elimination of a Manifested Impossibility

by Furtive Rancor


A Study on the Fractured Concord is nothing novel. Numerous esteemed members of the Directorate, as well as rival Lineages to its own, have requisitioned plentiful before this one, approaching the issue from different perspectives. After all, its actuality excites too many fields of interest, for reasons all too evident to those familiar with its paradoxal existence. For those of this Researcher’s esteemed patrons that are not, a concise reiteration of the facts will be attempted in this forward.

The Subject’s true moniker was “Shade of Vermillion” and it was the youngest pure of the Vermillion Lineage to have survived the Calamity. It was originally assigned as a Liaison in the Scarlet Spire but following the Betrayal, its record during the Calamity and its military mindset ensured its transfer to the Observation Units that monitored the Traitors. There it remained until the rise of the hominid civilization, when the Shade of Vermillion was recalled. While unconfirmed, it can be safely presumed that its first assignment to the Avatara Project occurred at that time. While there are claims that would have the Sovereign having ensured this assignment, no such records have been found to date. Such claims are repeated here because the opposite is also positive: no records of the Avatara Project exist to disprove the hypothesis. It is, however, a matter of public record that the Shade of Vermillion’s Avatara was fielded on multiple occasions during the unrests of the time of Hominid Decline and in fact one was destroyed to the effects of the Deicide.

Two native centuries after the Deicide, a Sovereign Mandate demanded the transfer of resources from the eastern Spires to the West and the Vermillion Lineage were assigned as Task Overseers. Among the escort forces of the mobile Container Vats were six Avatara units. The Shade of Vermillion was operating one of them along with five other Avatara handlers. Their bodies were being transferred into the sealed Container Vats to secure their continuation, while they remained within the projection range of their Avataras at all times. Inside each of the Container Vats, a Mimetic Assassin was put as a last line of defense. However, repurposed by party or parties unknown, all six Mimetic Assassins discontinued their wards. In conjunction with the other five Avatara handlers, the Shade of Vermillion was terminated. Unlike the other five, it was not eliminated. Its projection remained in the Avatara, despite its body’s discontinuation.

This unprecedented and unrepeated event became known as the Fractured Concord Paradox.

Starting with the legitimacy of its existence under regulations, the continuing existence of the Shade of Vermillion has been the subject of multiple debates, studies and theories. A number of those are indeed often quoted and used as guidance in this study. Others, of diminished scientific value, explore the effects of this existence on the mental capacity, or even the psyche, of the Subject and have been ignored. There is a certain element of fear present in discussions concerning the Subject, defying reason and evidence: Its mastery over use of the Avataras is unsurpassed. Its lack of physical manifestation means it can project anywhere, casting its consciousness on any empty host, in any Spire. It has adopted the techniques and mindset of the Traitors and used Life-Binding with its Avatara; that is how it persisted. It can project on multiple hosts, fracturing its mind. And so on and so forth.

The facts of its existence however are these: the Shade of Vermillion was formally terminated since the destruction of its body, yet its consciousness persists within Avatara husks. Its existence was recognized under the moniker of the Fractured Concord and it is stationed as a Military Overseer in Haustellum. Despite its unique relation to the Avatara project, there are enough public indications that it enjoys the Sovereign’s tolerance, even favor, which has seemingly ensured the Fractured Concord’s absolute loyalty – or vice versa. It is able to transfer between Avatara husks and in fact has been terminated three times already in this manner. While it is theorized that these Avatara need specific preparation, the specifics and procedures of this method remain unknown. There is no solid and confirmed information about the details of its condition.

Despite the lack of facts, as requested by this Researcher’s patrons, this study will explore the methods in which the Paradox could be ended and the Fractured Concord accurately and conclusively eliminated.

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