The Living Word 101

The Living World is a tremendously ambitious undertaking. We want the community to engage with the world and we hope to do so by truly making it THEIR world. As an added bonus, we will be introducing an Account Rank System that will allow dedicated and loyal players to benefit from their passion in more tangible ways, giving them access to unique products, prizes and discounts, all for participating in developing the world of their beloved game!

So, what is the Living World? How will it work? Why should I care?


At its heart, the Living World is an interactive way for the player base of Conquest to influence the development and narrative of the game’s world itself.

When they open the Living World site, players are confronted with an Interactive Map in which several DECISION NODES will be active. By clicking on each of these NODES (often, but not always, associated with powerful and influential characters from the world of Eä) players are able to see what dilemmas or choices the character is currently faced with and what paths the character can choose to resolve them. After reading the information, the player is then able to influence what decision the character ultimately makes by casting his or her votes.

As the world evolves and different stories advance, the NODES will present different kinds of choices as well: exploration of new areas, conflict resolution or determining the result of a previous action, battle or entire campaign; so make sure you explore that map thoroughly! That being said, the results and consequences of each decision will not always be obvious. After all, no character can foresee the future (or at least not ALL of it). A risky or reckless decision may yield spectacular results that change the face of the world… or spell doom of catastrophic proportions.

One way or another, players across the world will be collaboratively guiding the development of the world’s lore evolution, thus shaping the future of Conquest, both as a world and as a game. Thematic campaigns, new objectives and scenarios and even future releases will be shaped or influenced by the Living World and therefore by YOU, the players.


Players may choose to cast their votes however they wish. One could allocate ALL of one’s VOTES in a single NODE resolution or might instead choose to spread one’s votes across multiple NODES. Votes will refresh each week, allowing players to see how the world is shaping before casting their votes again – or simply giving players a second chance to maximize their votes in that one all important decision. At the end of a TWO-WEEK period, the most popular NODES and their attendant characters will be locked, as their decision is made. For two weeks the selected characters and nodes will be unavailable as we update them, moving their story along the path the players chose. In the meantime, the players will be able to vote on the rest of nodes and decisions on the Living World. That way, we ensure that all characters will be “activated” and their decisions will be taken, so the world will advance naturally on all fronts.


Each player will have several votes determined by the RANK of his account. Account RANK increases with “Agmh”, that is points earned by specific actions. During the first stage of our launch, these will include:

a)     interacting with the website by casting votes,
b)     participating in polls and online events,
c)     sharing our content with your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms.

This list will soon expand, including anything from participating in Organized Play events to making purchases from our e-shop!

As one’s account RANKS increase, so do the number of votes one has each week as well as other perks which will range from access to limited edition miniatures all the way to getting your character and armies written into the lore of Conquest for posterity!

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