How They Play – Spires

Who are the Spires?

The Spires are foreign to Ea, having lost their homeworld and their race split up due to internal conflicts, The rulers of the Spires are the scientists, aristocrats, and those of great wealth, who have all perverted their innate attunement of life magic and creation to make armies of genetic monstrosities, servile drones, and an underclass of clones to wage their wars for them.
The only “true” members of the Spire army are the Biomancers and Pheromancers, who are simply there to guide their creations and observe their capability, while augmenting them to suit their creator’s purpose.

Named after the miles tall structures that house their entire civilization, the Spires arrived on Ea countless millennia ago. War and betrayal sundered their once united race, leaving only the political and scientific leadership in control of the Spires. Desperate to retain their power they corrupted their gift of Life Binding into cruel Biomancy, turning to this cold science to repopulate their shattered civilization with free willed clones, servile drones and engineered monstrosities. The only true members of the Spire faction to take the field, Biomancers and Pheromancers guide their creations in battle, gaining valuable insight into their combat effectiveness and how they might be further improved.

How do they play?

Spires are able to field a variety of options, from hordes of drones, to ranks of combat ready clones, and even elite armies composed entirely of war beasts and Avatara suits. Speed is the favored weapon of the Spires, making them faster than their enemies and capable of further leveraging this advantage via Biomancies and Pheromancies which allow them to push their soldiers past their limits, making them stronger, faster, and deadlier, at the cost of their own lives. However, Spire would not waste lives so inefficiently, so they have incredibly powerful healing abilities to ensure that your creations die when you say it is time for them to die. Their battleplans revolve around up trading their units with the opponents by using their Biomancies.

Why should I collect them?

You enjoy fielding armies of grotesque creations, displaying your brilliant plans with powerful combos to enhance your armies. You know your soldiers are mere pawns in a much greater game.
You also enjoy the ability to rebuild your forces and heal your beasts at a whim, in addition to their speed lets you either repair fast moving attacks to press the advantage or maintain your tougher units for an ever regenerating defense.

Where do I start?

If you wish to start the Underspires, the endless hordes of drones and menagerie of exotic beasts beneath the Spire, the Two Player Starter Set is an excellent way to begin.

If you want to start the Directorate, fielding elite creations and powerful enhancing effects with a cost, the Single Player Spire’s Starter Set is ideal for beginning your journey there.

If you’d like to start the Sovereign Lineages, you focus on elite units with the powerful Avatara flesh suits that are remotely controlled by the Spire aristocrats, consider picking up a Lineage Highborne, and Avatara with Centaur Avatara to start going down that path!

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