Las Vegas Open 2024 – Final Three Tournament Lists!

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s Las Vegas Open 2024 TLAoK Tournament!
We had a record number of players attend and after a couple of fierce Rounds, three players rose amongst the rest and fought head on for the title of the first Official Sanctioned World Tournament! Let’s see what they brought to the battlefield!

3rd place | Ben Rislove – Spires

Ben unleashed the Legacies of the Ark by bringing on the table an army of elite Spire monstrosities! His five stacks of Incarnate Sentinels were especially deadly for his opponents!

2nd place | Karl Swanson – Spires

They say third time’s a charm but Karl this is his third time winning second place! Karl used an army of Drones lead by two Pheromancers supported by a High Clone Executor with 5 stacks of Marksmen Clones!

1st place | Bryan Weber – Dweghom

Bryan played a good ranged build with Fireforged, Hold Ballistae, Hellbringer Drakes and used the newly released Ironclad Drake to great effect. Bryan was a fantastic Dweghom player and it showed in this tournament with the taking of first place.

Thank you all for joining us at LVO this year, we are looking forward to seeing you at Cancon!

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