TLAoK Additional Scenarios March Update

With AdeptiCon 2023 fast approaching, a small update to our Scenario Pack is now live including all your Frequently Asked Questions!

Here is a list of all changes you will find in the March Update:

  • Addressed all questions regarding a Player not having any more Regiments to command.
  • Objective Zones and Objective Markers can be interacted with from the beginning of Round 2.
  • Objective Markers cannot be Targeted by any Spell/Special Rule/Draw Event/Action or Ability before the beginning of Round 2.
  • Objective Markers are not affected by Hits or Spells that test a Target’s Resolve Characteristic.
  • Objective Markers cannot be Healed or moved.
  • Reforming or Withdrawing when only Engaging an Objective Marker does not cause Hits or Resolve tests.
  • A Regiment can March within 1” of an Objective Marker as well as March Through it as long as the Regiment does not end up overlapping with it and ending up in an illegal position at the end of its Activation.
  • Objective Markers can be shot at from within Effective Range, not just 8”.
  • Objective Markers can be allocated damage differently depending on the Class of a Regiment.

If you have any questions or require any clarifications make sure to send us an email at !

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