Regiment Spotlight: Flame Berserkers

“None speak of what happens in the deep, but when they return, they are changed: their bodies sport crude implants that compensate for those losses they have suffered to foe or flame, while their obsidian arms and what little armor they bear are impervious to the flame and heat they generate. On the field of battle, the elemental Fire burning within them grants them speed and power few others could hope to match, rising in power and tempo the fiercer the conflict rages. Soon, each berserker is engulfed in a corona of fire that swirls around them, burning lesser foes to cinders, even before the deadly axes reap their own toll.”

Their Role on the Field

These fiery warriors come as a Light, Restricted option for the Ardent Kerawegh. However, do not mistake their Light Classification as a measure of their offensive strength. Where the Hold Warriors are the Dweghom forces’ anvil, the Berserkers are the fiery hammer that has ascended from its infernal pilgrimage and is ready to shatter its enemies.

Let’s take a closer look:

It quickly becomes evident that their Characteristics are on par with some of the heaviest Regiments out there. Their ability to withstand punishment with a Defense of 3, whilst holding their ground against impossible odds with a Resolve of 5, makes the Flame Berserkers incredibly tough. On the other hand, a Clash of 3 along with Flurry will ensure consistent damage, whereas Aura of Death will deal the extra casualties to tip the scales of battle to your favor.


The Ardent Kerawegh is key in successfully utilizing the Berserkers, as he provides the necessary tools for a successful hammer and anvil strategy. The spell “Resolve” will allow your front lines of Hold Warriors to stand their ground, by removing their Broken status, whilst “Dismay” will Break an enemy Regiment in preparation of the Berserker’s charge. Combining these two makes the Kerawegh’s Warband a powerful tool to a Thane’s disposal.

This tactic can expand further considering a Tempered Steelshaper, who some scholars rumor might be coming out soon! “Hone Blades” will make an already deadly Regiment even more so whereas “Unmake Armour” will really ruin the day of an enemy Regiment unlucky enough to be caught in a Berserker’s charge.

As powerful as these fiery warriors are there are a few things to watch out for.

Being Light Regiments, the Berserkers cannot benefit from the advance of another faster Light Regiment and so will end up Marching their way up the field. This leaves them open to a lot of enemy Ranged fire that is either Armor Piercing or of a high Barrage value. Make sure to include Hold Ballistae to support the advance of your Berserkers.

Finally, the Berserkers cannot claim Objective zones and so their incredible resilience cannot be capitalized protecting an Objective. Instead, they will have to be aggressive (which I am pretty sure you expected a Berserker to be) and quickly seek out their next target.

How do you use these Infernal warriors? What are your tactics and synergies? What color schemes have you chosen? Let us know on our social media and send us photos of your painted Berserkers!

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