Step-by-Step Skin (Advanced)

You can tell alot by looking at one’s face, the horrors of war, besting the monsters of Manheim, the hatred for foes long gone, determination when fighting against all odds.

In this tutorial we will discuss in detail how to paint faces to a high level, making your Characters and elite Regiments stand out!

Today we will be using colors from the Scale75 range however, we will also be releasing the same guide using other color ranges as well!

Preparation: To start the Face off we apply an undercoat on the skin with Scale75 Flat Black. It is recommended to apply it by airbrush to keep the layers thin. However, you can also do it by brush, making sure you go for multiple thin coats.


Step 1: Having primed the miniature we begin by applying a basecoat of our base skin tone. For this part we will go for an equal mix of Basic Flesh, Gobi Brown and Indian Shadow. Make sure to thin your paints and go for multiple thin layers.



Step 2: Once we have ensured a smooth and opaque basecoat we move on placing the shadows. We add Indian Shadow to our base skin tone mix (the mix we used in Step 1) and place the shadows into the recesses of the face (e.g. beneath the cheekbones, under the forehead frowns, within the eye sockets, ears etc).

After that, we bring back some of the basecoat color that was lost while drawing the shadows. We draw the attention the the eyebrows and eyes.



Step 3: Having shaded the face it is time to work on the parts of the face that catch the most light. We start by working on the face, highlighting with Basic Flesh.The parts that need to be highlighted are the forehead, nose, cheekbones, ears and sides of the head.



Step 4: At this point we continue by gradually brightening the highlights by adding Pale Skin to the Basic Flesh.

We start by highlighting with a mixture of Pale Skin (50%) and Basic Flesh (50%). Once this is done we do final highlights with pure Pale Skin.




Step 5: We paint the eyebrows with a Flat Black (50%) and White Sands (50%) mix. Then, we highlight the eyebrows by adding more White Sands to the mix.

Finally, we paint the eyes with the same colors. A tiny dot of black in the middle and then two White Sands dots adjacent to the black ones.

In 5 Steps you are now able to make your Characters and favorite models stand up and shine on the tabletop!

How did this tutorial work for you? Post your painted Conquest miniatures with the #ColorsofConquest handle and show us how you paint skin and faces!

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