Step-by-Step Metallic Blade (Advanced)

Used to equip the mighties of Hundred Kingdom armies or forged in the deepest bowels of Dweghom Holds, metal is integral to the arsenal of most armies of Conquest!

In this tutorial we will explore in detail how to paint a metallic blade to a high level, making your Characters and elite Regiments stand out!

Today we will be using colors from the Scale 75 range however we will also be releasing the same guide using other color ranges as well!

Step 1: We start off by basecoating the surface with a layer of Flat Black.

Then we add the base layer. A mix of Scale 75 Abyssal Blue (70%), Black Forest Green (10%) and a bit of Graphite (20%).



Step 2: At this point we start placing the shadows to mimic the reflections of a metallic surface.

For that, we use a mix of Abyssal Blue (50%) and Flat Black (50%).



Step 3: Once satisfied with the shadows, we darken our shaded areas with  Flat Black to increase contrast.

Step 4: Once we are satisfied with darkening the shaded areas we move on to placing highlights.

To do so we add Graphite to our base layer mix (Step 1).

We start placing the highlights between the shadows creating contrast between the shaded and highlighted parts, like real metal.

We gradually add Graphite to the mix until the brightest highlight at this point is pure Graphite.



Step 5: Once we have reached pure Graphite, we start further highlighting the metal by adding Arctic Blue.

We start by highlighting with a mix of Graphite (50%) and Arctic Blue (50%). Then we gradually add Artic Blue until our final highlight is 100% Artic Blue.

Step 6: Finally, we complete the highlights on the blade by applying an extreme highlight of pure White on the blade’s edges.

In 6 Steps you are now able to make your Characters and favorite models stand up and shine on the tabletop!

How did this tutorial work for you? Post your painted Conquest miniatures with the #ColorsofConquest handle and show us how your paint metallic blades!

If you would like to find the parts shown in this tutorial you can check the Dweghom Dragonslayers!

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