Step-by-Step Cloth Tutorial (Advance)

Whether to portray status, declare ones loyalty or simply keep one wamr through the harsh winters of Manheim, cloth is an important piece of clothing between soldiers and nobles alike.

In this tutorial we will discuss in detail how to paint cloth to a high level, making your Characters and elite Regiments stand out!

Today we will be using colors from the Vallejo Game Color range however, we will also be releasing the same guide using other color ranges as well!

Preparation: To start the cloth off we apply an undercoat with Vallejo Game Color Black. It is recommended to apply it by airbrush or spray to keep the layers thin. However, you can also do it by brush, making sure you go for multiple thin coats.

Step 1: After we have undercoated the model with Vallejo Game Color Black, we apply a thin layer of VGC Royal Purple. Make sure to apply several thin coats working towards full opacity and good coverage.



Step 2: Once dried, we start placing the shadows. Begin by applying a thin layer of VGC Night Blue in the recesses and areas that would naturally be darker as shown in the picture. 



Step 3: Having placed the first layers of shadows we use it as a guide to further increase the contrast by applying a mix of VGC Night Blue (50%) and VGC Black (50%) into the furthest depths of the recesses. 



Step 4: Having worked on the shadows it is time to start placing the highlights, emphasizing on the elevated parts of the cloth that would naturally catch more light. We start doing so by applying a thin layer of Hexed Lichen as shown. 



Step 5: At this point we continue brightening the highlights further with a mix of VGC Hexed Lichen (50%) and VGC Warlord Purple (50%). 



Step 6: Finally, we add edge highlights by adding a tiny bit of VGC Cold Grey to the mix from the previous step and applying it carefully over the most protruding areas.

In 6 Steps you are now able to make your Characters and favorite models stand up and shine on the tabletop!

How did this tutorial work for you? Post your painted Conquest miniatures with the #ColorsofConquest handle and show us how you paint cloth and fabrics!

If you would like to find the parts shown in this tutorial you can check out the Theist Priest!

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