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The Orders

Many argue this paternalistic attitude has caused more harm than good. They point at the destructive chaos of the Red Years, sparked by their premature attempts at unifying the Hundred Kingdoms, or the bloody riots that followed the summary execution of the beloved Arch-Bishop Nicholas during his Regency. Despite this, the Orders have long maintained a good relation with the common people of the Hundred Kingdoms who praise them as heroes and benefactors: the monumental sacrifice of the Order of the Sword in the Nord invasion, the selfless heroism of the Order of the Shield’s Knights Errant and the tireless public works of the Brothers Mendicant of the Order of the Sealed Temple have long since swayed the hearts and minds of the common folk.

With the collapse of the Empire, the Orders lost much of their influence, as they were heavily invested in the office of the Emperor, at the expense of both the nobility and the Church. When these two pillars aligned against them, there was little the Orders could do without resorting to war. Learning from their past mistakes, the Orders took a long view and withdrew. Though their influence might be a fraction of what it once was, their military might has not dimmed in the least, echoing the prowess of the legendary Legion that birthed them.

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