The Hundred Kingdoms

How They Play – The Hundred Kingdoms

Who are the Hundred Kingdoms?

The Hundred Kingdoms are a mosaic of different people, lords, and ideals, all formerly part of the Tellian Empire. The number of kingdoms is not truly 100, instead it’s a constant flux as new dynasties are founded, destroyed, and united. While the other factions of Ea field exotic weapons and beasts thought to only be myth, the Hundred Kingdoms are not fazed, their lack of unity has given them experience, from the Orders, the near mythological knights who swear to protect the whole of the Hundred Kingdoms, to the simple peasant militia, all have been forged by this turmoil into a fighting force that has no problem punching up at those who came before them.
Formed in the aftermath of the Old Dominion’s Fall, the Hundred Kingdoms are a mosaic of humanity that spans countless creeds, people and ideals. Briefly reunited under the Tellian Empire and on the verge of greatness, they have once more broken down into squabbling fiefdoms. One should not, however, underestimate these fractured lands as the relentless conflict has proven fertile ground for producing some of the most hard-bitten and dangerous fighting forces on the continent. Ranging from the remarkably well armed peasant militia to the most hardened knight, from the most hard bitten mercenary men at arms, all the way to the almost superhuman Orders and fanatic Sicarii, each and every one of these forces is tempered by decades of conflict and stands ready to punish those who would underestimate them.

How do they play?

The Hundred Kingdoms cannot claim to have the best troops, but they have damn good troops and they tend to have more of them. Their cavalry is second to none and the intrinsic flexibility of the human mindset means your opponent cannot be certain what he will face: a veteran force of hard bitten infantry supported by powerful casters? A thundering charge led by an impetuous lord that bets everything on the speed of horse and strength of arms? The canny and disciplined combined arms approach of a shrewd imperial officer who leverages each of these pieces into a sum greater than the whole?

Why should I collect them?

If you enjoy a more grounded aesthetic, the underdog feeling, or simply like representing humanity, this is the army for you. You love the feeling of having true ranks of soldiers marching up the battlefield, and watching your opponent deal with massive lines of pikes, or massive blocks of Knights shattering their enemy with glorious charges. The Hundred Kingdoms reward tactical and ‘honest’ players, always able to hit above their weight class and with powerful leaders able to guide their armies to victory, a Hundred Kingdoms army may look like the underdog in the face of the Spires monstrosities or the Dweghom’s relentless sorcery, but looks can be deceiving…

Where do I start?

Most hundred Kingdoms forces are centered around the powerful forces of the Nobility with its Household Knights and elite Household Guard. The best place to start from here is either the One Player or Two Player Starter Set.

The Imperial Remnants focus more on elite infantry, mustering the ubiquitous Men at Arms alongside the Steel Legion under the watchful eyes of an Imperial Officer.

These forces can be complemented with a Theist Priest, representing the Faith who would lead either faithful Militia or Militia Bowmen or even a mighty Priory Commander representing the Orders as he leads the Order of the Crimson Tower which will be released later this year.

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