Step-by-Step Blade (Beginner)

Weapons of war and tools of trade all have one thing in common! Metal! 

In this tutorial we will discuss in detail how to paint blades in a fast and effective way to quickly bring your troops to the battlefield while looking impressive!

Today we will be using colors from the Scale75 range however, we will also be releasing the same guide using other color ranges as well!

Preparation: Start by basecoating the surface with Scale 75 Flat Black. You may do so with an airbrush or by brush. Either way, make sure to apply multiple thin coats.


Step 1: Once the basecoat dries, we add a base layer of Scale 75 Black Metal. Once again make sure to apply multiple thin coats for maximum coverage.



Step 2: Having applied the basecoat, we will move on to give the blade a green tint, characteristic of the metals used by the Dweghom.

To do so we mix Flat Black (70%) and Black Forest Green (30%) and then add water (approximately 1:1) until it dilutes to almost a wash like consistency. We apply the mix thoroughly on the area and let it dry.



Step 3: Finally, we will apply a highlight to the areas of the blade that would naturally catch the most light. To do so we dip a dry old brush in Speed Metal and then wipe the paint until only a little bit is left on the brush.


We then make quick cross brustrokes on the area we wish to highlight. You will notice that only the most raised areas of the blade get paint on them. This technique is called dry brushing.

How did this tutorial work for you? Post your painted Conquest miniatures with the #ColorsofConquest handle and show us how you paint swords and polearms!

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