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Character Portrait: Faded Magenta

Faded Magenta – Report #3251
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In continuation to Reports ## 3250, 3247, 3209, 3208 and 3181, further behavioral irregularities among the Drone creations have been reported and observed:

  • The existence of a new Root on Drone Hub 42 was never brought to my person’s attention by the Hub’s Drones. The new root channel is expanding behind one of the Stasis Belts however markings were detected upon inspection. The pattern resembled an attempt to imitate a carapace number, possibly 0113. While examining the finding, Drone #4215 ceased performing its assigned task (Vat Maintenance) to observe my person.

  • The carapaces of Drones #4613 and #4652 were damaged in almost identical positions, on the front side of the left shoulder, with a single short line. The depth of the line suggests effort and rules out accidental damage.

  • During an inspection of Root Channel 32, unplanned and unauthorized fungi cultivations were detected near a Filtering Valve. Locally assigned Drone #3215 was ordered to remove the fungi and cleanse the Channel as per standard procedure. Drone #3215 displayed reluctance to follow this command until pheromantically instructed to do so under the direct supervision of my person. Its lacrimal glands were activated while performing the task. This was feasibly a defensive reaction to the spores of the fungi.

  • During an unscheduled inspection, all active Drones in Hub 60 (Series 6) were found gathered on one side of the Hub, hissing in attempted coordination. This attempt immediately ceased once my person’s presence was noticed and all Drones turned their heads to observe. The Drones were post haste pheromantically ordered to rest.

It is my person’s assessment that URGENT and DRASTIC action is required and my person would kindly but urgently request the following:

  • Authorize the transfer of my person to reevaluate the mammal strands on the design of Drone Series 0, 3, 4 and 6, particularly the limbic system and frontal lobe evolution-blocks in place.


  • Authorize the halt of production and the discontinuation of Active Drones from Series 0, 3, 4 and 6 until such a reevaluation is performed by parties assigned by the Director, as their recycled material may compromise future production designs.


  • Assign an additional Pheromantic Overseer to Hubs 31 to 60 to enhance monitoring and assign a Clone to enhance security and control of the erratic population, as suggested previously in Reports

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