BrisCon 2023 Report!

Australia kicks it into gear with our first big tournament event for TLAOK 2.0 with Briscon 2023!
18 brilliant generals fought each other across 5 rounds to determine the champions of the Sunshine State!
This is Rhys, host of Vanguard Garage Gaming, and I am going to run you through our Top 3 Lists!

1st Place – Nathan Gibbs (Nords)

== (Warlord) Blooded [125]: Dragon, Reyngeir, the God Spear, Curse of the Vargr

  • Ugr (4) [205]:
  • Fenr Beastpack (3) [110]:

    == Konungyr [215]: Eagle, Ty Jokull, the Rimeheart, The Broken Blade, Watchful Eye of the High Kings, Combat 1, Combat 2, Combat 3
  • Huskarls (4) [250]: Standard Bearer, Skald, Thegn
  • Bow-Chosen (3) [220]:
  • Ice Jotnar (1) [265]:
  • Mountain Jotnar (1) [170]:

    == Volva [135]: Runes of Fate, Rune of Shielding, Arcane 1
  • Valkyries (4) [195]:
  • Raiders (3) [110]:

    An absolute pleasure to see Nathan take the top place! An amazing player, who has been piloting Nords since “The Dark Days”, Nathan was able to use the tools in his list to pressure objectives, and
    bait and counter his opponent’s and their attempts to take the lead back. The Blooded, with Curse of the Vargr, in the Ugr’s were especially potent to slam into anything that met the front line, or extended too far into Nathan’s well-laid traps!

2nd Place – Adrian Roberts (Old Dominion)

== (Warlord) Fallen Divinity [390]: Aura of Malice, Eternal Discipline, Implacable

  • Kanephors (3) [210]:
  • Karyatids (3) [200]:

    == Xhiliarch [195]: Armor of the Living Saint, Skofnung, Combat 1, Combat 2, Combat 3
  • Praetorian Guard (5) [260]: Standard Bearer
  • Varangian Guard (6) [385]: Standard Bearer, Princeps

    == Hierodeacon [120]: Blasphemous Soma
  • Legionnaires (3) [120]:
  • Legionnaires (3) [120]:

    We saw a lot of the Fallen Divinity at Briscon ’23! But, only one of them was able to prove itself strong enough (and commanded by the Old Dominion’s greatest general) as Ado and this cracker of an Old Dominion list! Whatever the Fallen Divinity wasn’t busy terrifying into a corner, the Varangian Guard were more than happy to dismantle piecemeal. The living statues and the Praetorian Guard, led by their fully tooled Xhiliarch, were not far behind the hammers in this list, and were more than able to hold any enemy at bay!

3rd Place – Allen Thrun (Dweghom)

== (Warlord) Tempered Sorcerer [110]: Fire School, Hellbringer Sorcerer

  • Fireforged (3) [180]:
  • Hellbringer Drake (1) [180]:

    == Tempered Sorcerer [110]: Fire School, Hellbringer Sorcerer
  • Hold Ballistae (3) [140]:
  • Hellbringer Drake (1) [180]:

    == Hold Raegh [130]: ‘Until We Have To’, Tactical 1
  • Initiates (6) [280]:
  • Hold Thanes (5) [290]:
  • Dragonslayers (3) [200]:
  • Dragonslayers (3) [200]:

    Allen traveled up to Brisbane for this event, and it was well worth his time! Bringing all the fire with not one, but two Hellbringer Sorcerer’s, backed up by all the solid backbone you can find in a Dweghom list! What the twin Sorcerer’s and their tamed steeds couldn’t incinerate and obliterate off the board was held at bay by the muscle of a big brick of Initiates and Hold Thanes led by their Raegh. With two Regiment’s of Dragonslayers to flank in and cut swathes through anything left standing, Allen commanded his list fiercely throughout the event!

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