GenCon 2023 Tournament Report!

The GenCon results are in! A big thank you to everyone who participated and joined us for this year’s GenCon TLAOK 2,000pts Tournament. We’re excited to see you at our next major Organized Play event.

Kudos to this year’s top three: Tyler Cross (1st), Karl Swanson (2nd), and Joshua McComas (3rd)! Let’s take a look at the formidable armies they showcased at GenCon’s tables.

1st Place – Tyler Cross | The Hundred Kingdoms | Veterans

== (Warlord) Priory Commander of the Crimson Tower [120]: Disorienting Strikes

  • Order of the Crimson Tower (3) [215]: Standard Bearer
  • Order of the Crimson Tower (3) [200]:
  • Order of the Ashen Dawn (5) [380]:
  • Order of the Ashen Dawn (5) [380]:

    == (Warlord) Imperial Officer [75]: Fire First, Aim Later, Aim for the Head
  • Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]:
  • Mercenary Crossbowmen (3) [105]:
  • Men-At-Arms (3) [105]:
  • Steel Legion (5) [315]: Veterans, +1 Clash, Standard Bearer, Drillmaster

An Order Regiment is a formidable presence on the battlefield. Four of them and a total of 10 Ashen Dawn knights, you can make any Regiment tremble! Follow up with an Imperial Officer Warband to establish a primary battle line and seize any Objective Zones that the heavy Cavalry has secured.

Even with 3-4 pieces of Hindering Zonal Terrain, the adjustments to Hindering —where only half the Stands need to move or Charge through it—have greatly benefited Cavalry-centric armies. Equipping an Officer for Ranged Support complemented the list greatly, enabling the Crossbows to advance up the field, firing volleys while simultaneously pushing their Reinforcement Line. Congratulations Tyler on your win!

2nd Place – Karl Swanson | The City States

== (Warlord) Polemarch [195]: Atalanta’s Spear, Inscription of Lighter Alloys, Disorienting Strikes, Architects 1, Architects 2, Architects 3

  • Hoplites (8) [370]: Dorilates, Minotaur Haspist Auxiliary
  • Minotaur Haspists (3) [180]:
  • Minotaur Thyreans (3) [190]:
  • Minotaur Thyreans (3) [190]:

    == Polemarch [155]: Standard of Last Oration, Architects 1
  • Hoplites (6) [290]: Dorilates, Minotaur Haspist Auxiliary
  • Minotaur Haspists (3) [180]:
  • Hephaestian (1) [250]:

Karl presents a stunningly thematic Army List! It features two large Hoplite Regiments, bolstered by the steadfast Minotaur Haspists and the potent, line-shattering Regiments of Minotaur Thyreans. City States Army Lists are typically known for their lack of ranged firepower and this list fits that mold perfectly. The Inscription of Lighter Alloys allows the larger Regiment of Hoplites to trade their defense for higher Mobility quickly letting them push up the battlefield. Pair them with a Hepheastian, and you have a formidable charge of Spear, Shield, Muscle, and Horns!

Congratulations Karl, a well deserved placement!

3rd Place – Joshua McComas | Spires | The Sovereign Lineage

== (Warlord) Lineage Highborne [140]: Cascading Degeneration, Command Pheromones, Pheromantic Override, Attracting Pheromones

  • Avatara (4) [265]: Superior Creations, Standard Bearer
  • Avatara (4) [265]: Superior Creations, Standard Bearer
  • Centaur Avatara (4) [260]: Standard Bearer
  • Incarnate Sentinels (4) [265]: Superior Creations

    == High Clone Executor [150]: Biotic Hive, Marksman Variant, Burrowing Parasites, Disperse, Additional Neural Receptors
  • Marksman Clones (3) [150]:
  • Force Grown Drones (3) [90]:

    == Biomancer[140]: Degenerative Aura, Mastery of Flesh 1
  • Bound Clones (6) [275]: Standard Bearer, Ward Preceptor

Joshua countered the surge of formidable knights and imposing Minotaurs with his own wave of Spire monstrosities. Perhaps “brute-osities” is more appropriate? The Spires do craft bizarre creatures…

A very aggressive Lineage Highborne with Flank and Aura of Death on its Regiment, became truly fearsome when paired with a Regiment of Incarnate Sentinels complete with Superior Creations upgrades. Add Avatara to anchor the front line, the heavy shock-cavalry power of the Centaur Avatara, and a specialized Highclone Executor delivering deadly fire power with its Marksman Clones, and the result is a lethal combination.

A great Army List — kudos to Joshua for seizing the 3rd place!

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