A Memory of Metal


It is said, for there is no Memory of this carved on Aul’Domn, that Sorcerer Yskherdos was considered dead before his Hall opened from the inside. Surrounded he was by the people called W’adrhŭn and the Tall Men of the North and yet he drew no blade and forged no power, only he spoke to one of them; only one. How he spoke to him, it is not said, but long they spoke, ignoring the battle around them, as the Dweghom force attacked once more.

Exhausted and meek on this, the third of battles in a single night, the W’ahrŭn and the Nords could not hope to repel the attack. They did not have to. Without a word, Yskherdos nodded to the man he was talking to, then got up and walked back in his tomb. From there, he returned – and the first time a Stone Forged was witnessed on the face of Ea, its creator on its shoulders as if on a tamed, untoothed beast, no Mnemancer was there to record it. Futile were all efforts of the Dweghom warriors to find a Memory of such a thing. And, in the absence of it, in the presence of this unseen-before behemoth, this incarnation of Yskherdos’ might and Dweghom potential, the battle ceased and the Dweghom, without question, followed. They followed as Yskherdos spoke and they followed as Yskherdos, dismounted and resumed his seat before the W’adrhŭn Cuatal.

Three days the two men talked – in what manner, no one knew, for no one dared to go close to the guardian Stone Forged. And on the forth day, the got up, nodded to each other, and left, each leading their people away from the shattered tomb. Only the Nords were left behind, their search for treasure as futile as their understanding of events was hollow.

It is not known whether the two would ever meet again. But both the Dweghom and the W’adrhŭn remember what followed. For after their three days of singing metal to each other, both the Steelshaper and War Scion changed their people forever.

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