CanCon 2024 – Final Three Tournament Lists!

2024 starts off with a bang! In Canberra Australia, 24 players duke it out for the top spot earning them the first of those sweet, sweet World Points! This is Rhys and I am going to run you through our Top 3 Lists!

3rd place | Ben Swallow – The Old Dominion

Ben returned with an even more tuned version of his 2023 Old Dominion army list led by the monstrous Fallen Divinity! With his only loss being to Robert’s Spires, Ben commanded his army with precision and amazing skill. The Fallen Divinity was able to hold entire sections of the board while the Xhiliarch and his supporting Hierodeacon were able to control the flow of the game.

2nd place |  Ewan Bailey-Thiele – Nords

Here we see some of the recent additions to the Nords come to life. Ewan’s use of the Vargyr Lord in a Regiment of Fenr meant that, with Rjoda equipped to the Lord, the Regiment could take advantage of the Vanguard + Bloodlust combo from the Shaman Warlord. This is a Nords list that takes advantage of one of the Nords strengths: counter charging and piece trading. Screens of Raiders and Ugr can be used to cover for each other with the Sea Jotnar looming behind. 

1st place | Robert Cantrell – Spires

Robert’s list proved unstoppable throughout the whole event! With an eye-watering 15 Command Cards, he had all the time in the world to lure you into all the traps that the Spires can prepare for their opponent’s. A list full of everything you need and an amazing amount of board control, was great to watch it in action!

And with that, Cancon 2024 is complete! A huge shout out to the players who took part and made the event as amazing as it was, I look forward to seeing you all again next year where we do it all again!

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