Organized Conquest – KublaCon 2022

KublaCon returned in 2022  with over 2,500 attendees for the 20th Anniversary! New gamers along with returning hosts and lifetime members spent endless hours at numerous events over Memorial Day weekend in Burlingame, CA!

Our first Conquest Tournament at KublaCon had a strong showing with all six armies playing and the newest Old Dominion coming in first! Demos ran throughout Saturday with dozens of new players trying out the game and taking pictures of the beautiful armies in the Tournament. 

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings also had a presence in KublaCon’s paint competitions! Dozens of models were used for Speed Paint Competitions held several times a day for players young and old to slay the gray – take a look at these Speed Paint winners from the kids at KublaCon; they are the future of gaming!

Lastly, our Winners for the Conquest Sponsored Paint Competition in partnership with Game Kastle featuring a gorgeous Xilliarch and Blooded!

It was great to meet so many gamers at KublaCon this year and we hope to see you again next time!

For more amazing events feel free to visit our official event calendar!

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