Gencon 2022 – Final Five Tournament Lists!

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s GenCon 2022 TLAoK Tournament!
After a couple of fierce Rounds, five players rose amongst the rest and fought head on for the title of the first GenCon TLAOK Champion! Let’s see what they brought to the battlefield!

5th place | Wylie Caras – Hundred Kingdoms

Wylie piloted a more unusual Hundred Kingdoms army list than the current standard of knights and bows. He won his way to the top cut, by using the Household Knights to great effect!

4th place | Jeff Warner – W’adrhŭn

Jeff played the triple Apex list for the W’adrhŭn and ran the monster mash to devastatingly effect. Jeff played very well as he took fourth place, definitely taking on the challenge of the triple Apex’s.

3rd place | Andrew Miller – Nords

Andrew Miller had a diverse unit array in his Nord Ice Jotnar’s build. While he played exceptionally well to third place, he did it in style with his beautifully painted Nords.

2nd place | Daniel McMahon – Dweghom

Daniel McMahon played essentially an all Thane list with two units of Dragonslayers. With his thane build he played extremely well enabling him to pilot the list to second place.

1st place | Dustin Foran – Dweghom

Dustin played a good ranged build with Fireforged and Hold Ballistae and used the newly updated Dragonslayers to great effect. Dustin was a fantastic Dweghom player and it showed in this tournament with the taking of first place.

Thank you all for joining us at GenCon this year, we are looking forward to seeing you at London Grand Tournament!

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