The City States

How They Play – The City States

Who are the City States?

While the rest of the world crumbled under the might of the Fall, the City States were flourishing, picking through the greatest secrets of the old Dominion and delving into the secrets of archemy and divinity. Today, they are the greatest repositories of knowledge and the inheritors of the glory that was once the Humanity’s Dominion. At least that is what the Locutors of the City States would have one believe. While the City States were founded on the highest principles of philosophy, ethics and education available to mankind, the vision of their founder was tarnished soon after its birth. Today, the City States stand split among the Demagogue, Militarist and Academic Councils, wielding their glorious heritage and advanced technology to challenge each other; and any who might threaten them for supremacy.

How do they play?

The forces of the City States consist of a strong core of rigorously trained and drilled soldiers supported by an assortment of hulking Minotaurs, towering spellcasting giants and mechanically enhanced veteran warriors. Although lacking strong missile support and with only one Cavalry option, the infantry core of the City States brings a plethora of troop types, formations and Special Rules to be pound-for-pound one of the most efficient infantry forces in the game.

When playing with the City States it is important to protect your vulnerable flanks and engage your Infantry line as soon as possible. Once in combat the Faction’s unique Strategic Stack will allow you to forfeit an Activation in one front to subsequently pressure and Activate twice on another. Finally, you can fine tune the defensive or offensive output of your infantry formations by adding Minotaurs within their formations!

Why should I collect them?

You enjoy the aesthetics of Hellenistic Greece, from the ancient Athenians to the Macedonian campaigns. A City States player strategizes carefully, deploying a mixture of offensive and defensive Infantry formations and exploiting every possible gap in the enemy line. Fighting against the Infantry formations of the City States is a technical boxing match right at the ropes, where every bit of space given is taken right back with a powerful counter offensive.
And where your Infantry needs that tiny bit of push to get them over the edge, you can throw in some Minotaurs to fight right alongside your troops! Who can ask for more?

Where do I start?

Starting with our brand new Two-Player Starter Set, you get a powerful and versatile base on which to base your forces. No matter what sub-faction you wish to follow, a selection of Hoplites, Phalangites, Agema and Thorakites will always be available to you.

If you wish to then explore the more mystical and ancient technologies of the City States, the Mechanist and giants are there to give you a look into what the unique feel of City States magic and technology looks like!

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to expand the Army you can consult the City States Army Expansion Guide found within the Two-Player set and uploaded online!

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