The Spires

The Directorate

The Directorate exhibits the same brutal ruthlessness of the Sovereign House, but weighs it with the cold pragmatism of their hallowed scientific method. The remarkably transparent and open selection process to a Directorate seat can make the politics within a Lineage change very quickly. Shunned members or obscure family lines can rise to prominence with a single appointment, while established family lines can wither if they fail to secure seats within the Directorate. The fluid nature of intra Lineage politics also deeply affects inter Lineage politics, with frequent betrayals, reverses and assassinations keeping the nobles focused on their game, just like the Directorate originally envisioned.

In contrast, the Directorate seems to play the role the Sovereign House expects them to, without too much friction. Honed by the principles of their Biomancy, they display tremendous patience, observing the shifts and trends in the balance of power with a clinical detachment, adapting to the prevailing political environment with as little disruption as possible. Some Directors, particularly amongst the youngest generation, see this as a sign of subservience and perhaps they are right. Their elders, however, have been playing this game for millennia. They have already won this round, wresting control of the Spires from the Sovereign House, and are focusing on the next. With limited resources at their disposal, every move today is aimed at a result not a few years from now, but decades in the future, when they finally inherit Eä, free of control from the Sovereign.

Particularly unimpressed with the Lineages’ fixation on the lost lands, the Directorate pursue instead entirely different goals that will ensure their freedom. On Eä, the Directorate broke from millennia of tradition and started charting their own path, evolving the stifling practice of Life-Binding into the wonder of Biomancy. And it is on this world that they intend to claim their destiny, free of the manipulations and governorship of the Sovereign House and its Lineages, and soon thereafter free of any who might remain on this world to challenge their claim.

While, unlike the Sovereign House, the Directorate does not have endless resources to marshal in the furtherance of their schemes, many of their greatest creations are at the behest of the Lineages. As a result, when a Biomancer is seen on the battlefield, he is often leading the strangest, and deadliest, creations his twisted genius and the endless resources of the Sovereign House can create.

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