The Underspire

Nestled underground beneath tons of hard packed dirt and the tough fibrous ganglia of the Spire itself, the Underspire protected the most essential processes of the Spires from the depredations of the Dragons and shielded its inhabitants. As the Dragon War ended, the thin atmosphere and sharp sunlight of the upper reaches of the Spire called to the members of the Sovereign House with their memories of their homeland. Within a few short years of their defeat, the Lineages had relocated to the highest portions of the Spires.

Loath to leave the central biotic systems of the spire and the vast spawning pools that were the source of their newfound power, the Directorate soon realized that mingling with the Lineages brought influence, prestige and resources.

In time, its senior members moved to the Upper Spires to engage with the Sovereign House directly. Slowly but steadily, the Underspire was left for the lowest of the Directorate’s menials, the Pheromancers.

Incapable of, or often barred from, practicing the more advanced levels of Biomancy, Pheromancers resort to the crude manipulation of ingested biomass to create scents and pheromones. These allow them to command and guide the basic systems of the Spires, as well as the simplest and most animalistic of drones. Coded into powerful scents, the Pheromantic compulsions can bypass the rudimentary cognitive functions of these drones, stifling all thoughts of self-preservation or natural instinct and turning even the unruliest of drones into a nightmare on the battlefield.

With growing reports of missing drones and dire warnings of a proto-religion growing within their ranks falling upon the deaf ears of the Pheromancers’ distant superiors, it is quickly becoming clear that the Upper Spire may have forgotten just how critical the Underspire is for the safety and prosperity of the Spire as a whole. Despite their growing concerns, fear of upsetting their superiors and being punished or, worse, denied a vital promotion, keeps most Pheromancers from voicing their concerns openly. As a result, shadows in the Underspire are becoming a little darker every day, and the Pheromancers grow more desperate to prove themselves and escape.

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