Conquest FB FAQ - Updates and Designer's Notes

Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings is a living Wargame, with rules changing to the better according to the design team’s directions and in tune with our Community’s voice.

As such, rules are clarified to better convey their meaning and purpose. These will be found under the FAQs section. You will notice that some of the FAQ questions are removed as time passes. That is either because rules have changed to invalidate the question and/or response to it, or we have added clarifications to rules in the actual rulebook as per your suggestions. While at times we post answers to questions online, this document is always in effect first and above any answers for any Tournaments or Matched play sessions.

Of course, as we flesh out the game and get more and more invaluable feedback from the Community we will be updating the game’s Core and Army rules. These new rules and wordings will be found under the Updates section. The Updates section will only contain the updates that took place during the current update and you may also find the new wordings highlighted in the rules PDFs.

Questions found here will be reviewed and changed accordingly at certain intervals; however, not all questions will be entered as they are not encountered often enough to warrant the “Frequently” part of the document.

Finally, the “Rulings” section of this page provides official rulings for game interactions that are not strictly covered by the rules. These Rulings will be part of this page until they are included in the Core Rules of the game at the earliest possible opportunity.

This section is updated with the newest questions added on the very top of the list. You can also see when this list was last updated here: [1/7/2024]

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions

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Rulings found in this section will be included in the next update. Once the rules are updated to include them, they will be removed from this page.

Designer's Notes

A Realm Reborn Update

As promised the first of many highly anticipated updates is here for Conquest First Blood! 

The Realm Reborn update focuses on mainly on two important items, fixing which will allow us to create a strong foundation on which future updates will focus on.

  1. This update will introduce universal point changes between Brutes/Cavalry and Infantry, as well as assign point costs to Characters of those types that were previously free.

  2. Infantry, in general, became cheaper. This change is not intended to dramatically increase the number of models in your army, but rather to provide a much-needed redistribution of points towards the stronger game entities.

  3. Additionally, movement and charging adjustments have been introduced to further control the flow of battle, emphasizing tactical positioning and placement as top priorities in the game.

More specifically:

The aim of this update is to better control the game’s pace and address several areas for improvement. The game currently focuses less on seizing objectives and more on amassing the strongest army to wipe out the opponent. This has led to cavalry and brutes dominating due to their longer reach and ability to deal additional damage with impact hits during a charge. The game’s fast- often reckless pace has also diminished the effectiveness of ranged units in First Blood; they typically manage only one or two shots before the lines close in, leading to a large brawl in the middle.

We explored a few solutions to slow down the game’s pace. We considered reducing the overall power of brutes and cavalry and improving a unit’s shooting ability. Ultimately, we concluded that the issue lies with movement rather than just the Regiments themselves.

Lowering overall movement, introduces a few conceptual phases: the ‘setup’, where both armies march across the battlefield preparing to engage; the ‘skirmish’ phase, where ranged units and fast movers seek positions and objectives; and the ‘engage’ phase, where the two armies clash over objectives. 

This update also includes several quality-of-life improvements. Charging has been simplified, now only requiring the closest model for a successful declaration instead of a leader. Aura of Death has been reworked to be a static number, eliminating the need to check on a model-by-model basis. Ranged combat can now target Monster Regiments regardless of them being engaged.

Last but absolutely not least, Conquest First Blood will be part of Season’s 4 World Program! Get ready and start building your lists and maybe we get to see you in the next year’s finals. More information will be revealed about the new Season on our Happy Hour on August 8!

Core Updates First Blood

March, page 32: Additionally, if a Regiment performs a second March Action during the same Activation, reduce the Regiment’s March Characteristic by half during the course of that Action.

Choosing a Target and Line of Sight, page 33: Both the Target and Acting Regiment must not be Engaged, unless the Target Regiment is a Monster Regiment.There are Special Rules like “Throwing Weapons” that do allow for a Volley Action when Engaged. However, these are exceptions to the rules. Unlike large-scale battles where tactical formations allow overhead volleys to be fired at the enemies, such actions in the chaos of a swirling melee breed danger for friend and foe alike.

Charge, page 34: Changed so Charges are calculated to the closest Model.

Healing, page 45: Once all Wounded and Engaged Models have been allocated Wounds, remaining Wounds are now allocated to Unengaged Models.

Aura of Death, page 76: When a Regiment is Engaged by a Model with this Special Rule, that Regiment takes X Hits. Wounds resulting from these Hits do not trigger Morale Tests. These Hits are resolved after the Enemy Regiment Activates any [Command] abilities but before it takes its first Action. These Hits are resolved as if they were part of a Clash Action for the purposes of Wound Allocation as per Wound Allocation and Engagement Range rules (see page 44). Should the Regiment be destroyed by this Special Rule before the “Take First Action” step, then the Active Player discards the Command Card and may Draw their next Command Card and perform Actions with the Regiment it Activates. Regiments Occupying Garrison Terrain are not affected by the Aura of Death (X) Special Rule. Similarly, a Regiment Occupying Garrison Terrain does not inflict Aura of Death Hits to Enemy Regiments Engaging it.

Seize Objective page 88: Medium and Heavy Brute and Cavalry Regiment Models count as 2 models

Blessed: Once per Round, Models with this Special Rule may choose to Re-Roll any of their failed Hit Rolls during a Clash, or any of their failed Defense Rolls. All Models in the Regiment must Re-Roll the same Roll at the same time and must declare the use of Blessed before making the Roll they wish to Re-Roll.

Flurry: Models with this Special Rule may Re-Roll failed Hit Rolls when performing a Clash or as part of a Challenge! Action.

Fiend Hunter: Models with this Special Rule may Re-Roll failed Hit Rolls against Monsters, Brutes and Cavalry.

Unstoppable: This Regiment adds +2” to its Charge Distance.

Faction Updates First Blood


Relentless Aggression: When a Regiment in this Army removes any Casualty Tokens during the Removing Casualty Tokens step of a Round, the Leader or Acting Leader Model adds +1 to its Attack Characteristic for each Casualty Token removed until the end of the Regiment’s Activation.

Gifted in Fire: Character Model gains +1 Evasion. In addition, any Friendly Regiment wholly within this Character Model’s Command Range gains the Aura of Death (+2) Special Rule.

Memory of Breath: The Character Model gains the Aura of Death 6 Special Rule.

Hellbringer Sorcerer
Barrage 10 -> 8
Elemental Puissance:
 This Character Model may perform two Spellcasting Actions per Activation. The Character Model may not cast the same Incantation more than once per Activation. In addition This Character Regiment may perform three Actions each Round rather than the usual two.

Tempered Steelshaper
Aura of Death 2 -> 6

Herald of Magma
Aura of Death 2 -> +2

Hellbringer Drake
Barrage 10 -> 8

Ironclad Drake
430 pts

Inferno Automata
Aura of Death 2 -> 6

Points Changes To: Flame Berserkers, Dragonslayers, Fireforged, Hold Balistae, Hold Thanes, Hold Warriors, Initiates (Pikes), Initiates (Shield), Wardens.



Purity of Purpose: Add Paragraph
When a Character Regiment in this Army ends its Activation, a Friendly Regiment with the Dronekind, Clonekind or Superior Creation Special Rule that was the Target of an Action from this Character Regiment and is within the Command Range of this Character Model, may immediately Activate. During the Draw Command Card step, if the drawn Command Card represents a Regiment Activated using this Special Rule, then immediately discard it and draw the next Command Card. You can only do this once per Round.

Siegebreaker Behemoth
Add the Clonekind Special Rule

Points Changes To: Lineage Highborne, Lineage Prideborne, Bound Clone, Force Grown Drone, Marksman Clone, Onslaught Drone, Vanguard Clone Infiltrator, Vanguard Clone, Stryx.

New Profile Added -> Desolation Drones


Hundred Kingdoms

Priory Commander
Breakthrough!: Target Objective Zone this Character Regiment is in Command Range of. Friendly Regiments with the “Crimson Order” Special Rule gains the Unstoppable Special Rule when Charging Enemy Regiments within range of that Objective Zone.
Cost to 70pts
The Character may no longer purchase Arcane Heirlooms.

Points Changes To: Order of the Crimson Tower, Order of the Ashen Dawn, Gilded Legion, Household Guard, Hunter Cadre, Imperial Ranger Corps, Longbowmen, Men-at-Arms, Mercenary Crossbowmen, Militia, Militia Bowmen, Steel Legion


Call the Storm:
 This Character Regiment may perform two Spellcasting Actions per Activation. The Character Regiment may not cast the same Incantation more than once per Activation. Furthermore, when successfully casting an Incantation on a Friendly Regiment , Models in that Regiment adds +1 to its March Characteristic in addition to the Incantation’s effect. This additional +1 March cannot stack.

Blooded (Crow)
Hunting Pack:
 Target Friendly Regiment with the Barrage (X) Special Rule can perform a Disengage Action and it does not receive any Attacks of Opportunity and does not become Broken.

Shieldwall!: Target friendly Regiment with the Shield Special Rule, adds +1 its Defense Characteristic until the end of Round.

Unbridled Ferocity:
 This Regiment may Re-Roll failed Hit Rolls and gains the Unstoppable Special Rule when targeting Models of Size 2 or more.
Berserk Attack: This Regiment ignores the “Remove Casualty Tokens” step of their Activation each round. Furthermore, this Regiment may not use the “Reckless Attack” Faction Special Rule. Instead, this Regiment benefits from the “Reckless Attack” cumulative bonuses equal to the number of Casualty Tokens allocated to it.

Points Changes To: Bearsarks, Mountain Jotnar, Troll, Ice Jotnar, Sea Jotnar, Bow Chosen, Huskarl, Raiders, Ulfhednar,Valkyries 



Icon of Conquest: This Model counts as twelve Models for the purpose of Seizing Objectives.

Stampede!: At the end of this Regiment’s Activation, if Models with this Special Rule are Engaged with any Enemy Regiments, each Model with this Special Rule causes 2 Hits against one Engaged Regiment within Engagement Range. These additional Hits do not benefit from any of the Regiment’s Special Rules and Hit automatically.

No Time to Bleed: When this Character Regiment performs a Disengage Action, it does not receive any Attacks of Opportunity and does not become Broken.

Thrill of the Kill: Casualty Tokens generated as a result of Casualties inflicted from this Character Regiment are allocated to this Character Regiment instead. For each Casualty Token on it, the Character Model adds +1 to its Attack Characteristic. If the Character Model removes any amount of Casualty Tokens during the Remove Casualty Tokens step, then it Heals 1 Wound.

One Voice: Friendly Regiments Wholly within range of an Objective Zone counts as being within the Command Range of the Matriarch Queen.

Points Changes To: Blooded, Braves, Chosen of Conquest, Hunters, Slingers, Veterans, Thunder Chieftain


Old Dominion

Nekrosis: Target Friendly Regiment gains Aura of Death (+2).

Lipsana: The Regiment this Model belongs to always gains the benefit of Memories of Old.

Bone Golems
Aura of Death 2 -> 6

Pyrosis: This Regiment gains Aura of Death (6) until the end of its next Activation.

Leader of Legions: When this Character Regiment is in range of an Objective Zone, all other Friendly Athanatoi and Varangian Guard Models in this Army counts as two Models for the purposes of Seizing that same Objective. This rule only applies as long as the Models are currently Seizing the same Objective as the Strategos.

Endless March [Command]: Target Friendly Legionnaires or Praetorian Guard Regiment. Each model within that Regiment adds +2 to their March Characteristics until the end of its next Activation.

Unending Vigil [Command]: Target Friendly Infantry Regiment gains the benefits of the Inspired Special Rule until the end of its next Activation.

Points Changes To: Mounted Strategos, Kataprakhtoi, Athanataoi, Kheres, Moroi, Praetorian Guard, Varangian Guard, Legionnaires.

New Profiles Added -> Cultist and Hashashins


City States

Lead from the Front: Target Objective Zone this Character Model is in Range of. Friendly Regiments performing a Charge against an Enemy Regiment within Range of this Objective Zone gains the Unstoppable Special Rule. If the Friendly Regiment already has the Unstoppable Special Rule then they add an additional 4″ to their Charge Distance instead.

Smoldering in Ashes: This Regiment gains the Aura of Death (8) Special Rule until the end of the Round.

Phalanx Tactics: When Models in this Regiment direct their Attacks, as a result of a Clash Action, against an Enemy Regiment Engaged by other Models with this Special Rule, then Models in this Regiment Re-Roll fail Hit Rolls. Additionally, Enemy Models Charging this Regiment does not gain the benefit of the Inspire Special Rule.

Points Changes To: Hephaestian Giant, Promethean Giant, Agema, Phalangites, Thorakites, Satyroi, Selinoi, Hoplites, Ipparchos, Eidolon.


Sorcerer Kings

Tight Formation: Friendly Rajakur Models in this Character Model’s Command Range gain the Hardened (+1) Special Rule while this Character Model is on the Battlefield.

Taskmaster: This Character Model may be attached to a Rajakur Regiment as if it was an Officer. Should the Player wish to do that, then the Sardar is treated as an Officer for the entirety of the game and does not make use of its own Command Card. While the Sardar is treated as an Officer, any effects that target the Sardar’s Character Regiment affect the Rajakur Regiment he is attached to.

Lords of the Inferno: Target Friendly Regiment with the Born of Flame Special Rule gains Aura of Death (4) until the end of the Round. If the Target Regiment is a Brute or Monster and within Range of an Objective Zone it gains Aura of Death (6) instead.

Blazing Crown: Friendly Regiments with the Born of Flame Special Rule, within range of the same Objective Zone as this Character Model gain the Aura of Death (4) Special Rule until the end of the Round.

Points Changes To: Ghols, Rajakur, Rakshasa Ravanar, Rakshasha Bakasura, Windborne Djinn.

Who are the Cultist and Hashashin?

The Cultists hold the distinction of being the only two living Regiment in an Old Dominion list alongside Hashashin. These numerous and disposable ranged units will empower the ability of Aura of Death from another combatant, increasing the amount of hits they take as well as to remove their magical protection.

Hashashin are opportunistic attackers designed to take advantage of units that are already taking casualties. While care has to be taken so that these units are not the target of an opponent’s attack, the amount of damage they can potentially do to another regiment is worth it.

Who are the Desolation Drones

Desolation Drones offer close-ranged fire support for an advancing Spire army. Despite their short range, the amount of potential hits they can deliver will deter the enemy from advancing too close to the drones. Even when the lines are already clashing, these drones can still contribute with their ability to hurt an enemy regiment in an objective.

Do These Changes Affect my Event?

As always, no update affects Organized Play events for at least 2 weeks after the update has come live. The update will affect all Events starting July 15th.